2004 TOURS Roger Hodgson, NOTP Stuttgart December

2004 TOURS Roger Hodgson, NOTP Stuttgart December


Night of the Proms, Stuttgart, Monday 20th December 2004

Last Monday evening MAC, my wife and I had been at the NOTP-Show in Stuttgart to see Roger. The show had been sold out since weeks – even before the people knows what artists are joining the show.
So we have been with 8000 other people in the venue. From the very first beginning the audience was enthusiastic what was a little bit unknown for me, because normally the people are waiting how the show is developing and it needs some time to get them moving. But this time not. The last years the NOTP-Shows has been “classical music with Pop/Rock Music”. But they changed it a little bit and for me it was now “Pop/Rock Music with classical music”.

 After Shaggy performing, Roger has been the second artist entering the stage and he played Dreamer, Fools Overture and Give a little bit with the orchestra and a choir. His voice has been brilliant. It was really beautiful to hear a real coir singing the choral in the middle of Fools Overture and not the tape. The audience loved to hear these songs (the songs of their youth?) again. A young guy sitting beside me seemed to be very amazed about Roger and he asked me “Who is this guy singing there?” Well, maybe we have now a new member in the “Tramp-Family”.

The sound was very good. All the instruments and voices had been well balanced and it was not too loud so you can hear every detail. In the back of the stage they had a big screening where they showed pictures fitting to the songs and/or artists. For the beginning of Fools Overture they used a picture of the Ayers Rock in Australia but then it changed into darker ones (fire, atomic bomb explosions, people wearing gas masks) before it becomes “happier” again. For me it was a little bit too dark/depressive. But Roger liked it as he told me.

In the intermission we had the chance to meet Roger backstage for a while and it was nice to talk to him without a hurry. He had to wait for his second appearance at the end of the show (about 1.5 hours later) and had time for us. It wa a pleasure as always.

Uwe Nessler



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