2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Paris, March 24

2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Paris, March 24





01 - Take the long way home
02 - Give a little bit
03 - Lovers in the wind
04 - Hide in your shell
05 - Teach Me To Love Again (1st with piano forte; 2nd with electric piano)
06 - The more I look
07 - Easy does it
08 - Sister moonshine
09 - Rosie had everything planned
10 - Breakfast in america
11 - All along came mary
12 - The logical song

**** break(30 mn) ***

13 - Child of vision
14 - Only because of you
15 - Lord is it mine
16 - A soapbox opera
17 - The awakening
18 - Don't leave me now
19 - Dreamer
20 - Fool's overture

**** 1st encore ****
21 - School
22 - It's raining again

**** 2nd encore ****
23 - Two of us

Hi everybody,

Just a short post to tell you how emotional yesterday's concert was.

L'Olympia was sold out (3,000 people), as is now the next date (May 23rd). And a third date is already scheduled (July 7th).

Roger was back in Paris after nine years (and the brilliant Bataclan and L'Olympia shows in year 2000).

It started with a 3-minute standing ovation for Roger, just at his first arrival on stage. Can you believe it?! Stunning!

Then, during the show, there were several standing ovations. People were obviously HAPPY to be here yesterday night with Roger, and they wanted to share their happiness with each other.

Roger was touched by this amazing crowd, as was Aaron (totally stunned by the ovations, and sometimes laughing just to avoid being emotionally impacted).

Apart from the classic set, 2 unreleased songs were played by Roger : "Teach me to love again" (he sang it twice in a row) and "The awakening".

The crowd whistled (Easy Does it), shouted (School) and sang (other songs); well as usual for a Roger's concert.

Rogers's French has improved a lot; so he spent the night talking in a mix of French and English.



On the 24th March 2009 Roger was in the mystical Parisian concert hall.
A well-known radio announcer (Georges Lang) introduced Roger, and from his entrance the audience made standing ovation during a long time.

And that was increased when Roger said "BONSOIR PARIS" Roger seemed (like fans) happy and in good shape.
In the first rows, members of French fan-club has got a banner "Fan club français" and Roger asked them to show it to the public.
Progressively, I observed that Aaron was able to play more and more instruments (double keyboard, maracas...)
There were sound effects which allowed to play harder songs like Soapbox opera and especially Fool's overture.

It was a very fantastic show.
The audience was very very good. A lot of standing ovations!
A lot of songs, a very long show.

In one word: a very great concert !!!



 All photos by Manu and Blandine


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