2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Aachen, August 22

2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Aachen, August 22


Text and photos by Manu Aachen09_1

It was a nice place and weather was good.
Weird audience: part wearing jeans and t-shirt and another part wearing suit-tie and evening dress.
I saw around some German fans who I knew.

After the preparation of the musicians, Aaron, and Jesse on drums, the presenter introduces the conductor. And then "ROGER HODGSON".
He sat down behind his keyboard, and the violins played the beginning of " Take the long way home". The show started ! ! !

Then, when Jesse started to play drums and also a bass player + orchestra started, I had the goose pimples!
Look ! Jesse held his drumsticks in the same particular way than his father.
It was imposing. Roger was very near to the public as usual.
He connected his songs.
During "Soapbox opera", I almost cried of emotion !
I was on 5th row. During the pause, my German friends came to ask me to go with them in front of the scene.
Then, believe me, "Only because of you" with orchestra, it was terrific !.
After the show, I stayed in front of stage and I spoke with Aaron. He gave me his playlist. Then, I went close to Jesse who told me that his
father had teached him how to play drums (and we could see it and hear it).
Then, I was waiting for Roger or Linda. After at least forty-five minutes, gates opened and a car
left. Roger was in this car. I told him "Thank you for Only because of you".
He answered " I like this song! " placing his hand on his heart. The car moved away. Then, Linda went out , she saw me and embraced me.

Here is my wonderfull concert.
I feel proud of my photos.




Take The Long Way Home
Give A Little Bit
Lovers In The Wind
Hide In Your Shell
Easy Does It
Sister Moonshine
Breakfast In America
Soapbox Opera
Along came Mary
The Logical Song


Lord Is It Mine
Quietest Moments
Only Because Of You
If Everyone Was Listening
The Fool's Overture


Two Of Us
It's Raining Again
Give A Little Bit

Jesse Siebenberg !!! Aachen09_3



Roger Hodgson enchants Aachen
by Bernd Büttgens

There is such an evening, when simply everything agrees: the fine place under the clear sky, the summer weather suitable in addition, best put on musicians on the stage and the well tempered star in the limelight.

Thousands of Supertramp and classic rock fans experienced such an on Saturday in the Aachener Kur park: Roger Hodgson, composer and legendary voice of Supertramp, enchanted his public and abducted them into the empire of the good memories.

Overjoyed grins and rhythmic claps, accurate whistling and enthusiastic screams of jubilation accompanied the Multiinstrumentalisten with the voice that brings goosebumps through his work.
At the end, the completely enthused listeners didn’t want to go let the world star go.

What impressed one Aachener in addition: He was singing of the rain ("it it raining again") - and it stayed dry...

All what is right: Organizer Christian Mourad and the symphony orchestra Aachen under GMD Marcus Bosch is arrive in the course of shortest time with the Kur park Classix a tiptop organization row, that pulls always larger circles and is a prime visiting card for Aachen.

Already Friday evening started promising it classically with a Topprogramm, also both concerts on Sunday (for families at the morning and the load Night bezeichnenderweis' in the evening) all finest support.

But the super hit: all the super hits of Roger Hodgson on Saturday evening. Dreamer, School, Give a little bit, The logical song, Take the long way home - the ear worms (songs that stay in your head) of a long time past days were suddenly again there.

Perfectly Hodgsons volume and the orchestra harmonized under the direction of Daniel Jakobi - or like the master repeatedly said: Dänjel Djäkowbi.

Everyone had fun on this night: the fans on the platform and those beside it in the park, the musicians, the sympathetic star, the organizers. It was a perfect evening. An evening, that demands more. An evening, that is a big compliment to the makers the Kur park Classix.

And an evening, that probably led some visitors subsequently to their cellars and storage, rummaging for their old turntable and Supertramp LPs.

Rodger Hodgson verzaubert Aachen

Von Bernd Büttgens 23.08.2009, 13:30


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