2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Osnarbrück, August 28

2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Osnarbrück, August 28


Back to the Supertramp Cosmos
Osnarbrücker Zeitung, August 31st, 2009

Written by Tom Bullmann
English translation by Claudia Yildiz

The audience wasn’t any longer able to sit down on their chairs. By the first chords of “The Logical Song” the 1600 Supertramp fans got up from their seats and fell into wild enthusiasm. Although it’s not the band “Supertramp” which is performing on the stage in Osnarbrück, but “only” Roger Hodgson. He is the voice of the British group, which gained international fame in the 70’s.

Especially the album “Breakfast in America” has been catapulted to the best positions in the charts in 1979. Hodgson left the band in 1982 and even though there were several attempts for a reunion, he and Rick Davies, the other head of the band didn’t find together yet. And because there was an agreement between the both Supertramp-rivals, a lot of songs of the band can be heard in Hodgson’s concerts: “You take the name and I take my songs”, was the pledge.
And it was Hodgson who wrote the most of the Supertramp hits. Well, the fans in Osnarbrück weren’t really interested in copyrights; they wanted to hear the music, which influenced their life when they were young. So they could wallow in good memories right from the beginning.

When the lights go down in the “Europasaal” the characteristic sounds of the e-piano and the mouth organ can be recognized and you are right in the middle of the song “Take the long way home”. It’s amazing how little you miss the drums and the bass. Hodgson’s songs can also be performed with slimmed down instrumentation. He rotates between e-piano, guitar and grand piano. Because he isn’t able to play saxophone, Hodgson brought along a partner, with whom he is performing now for about five years: Aaron Mac Donald accompanies him with keyboard sounds, mouth organ, and saxophone, refines the rhythm with some bells and also supports him with vocals.

With “Give a little bit” Hodgson sinks even deeper in the Supertramp cosmos and “Hide in your shell” is being devoted to all the people who wrote him a letter or a mail and thanked him for this song because it helped them through a difficult period of life. “Perhaps the impact of this song is so intense because when I wrote it, I also felt very bad”, he supposes, but he doesn’t keep looking on the dark side of life and also performs merry songs like “Easy does it”.

There’s only one deficit that can be seen at the typical Supertramp songs because of the little instrumentation: the e-piano and Roger’s falsetto voice offer less range of variation. But therefore the newer songs offer more variation, because in his compositions after Supertramp he also integrated folk-elements in his songs.

After the intermission the both gave everything: “School” caused frenetic cheering and all the other super hits put also happiness on the faces of the attendees. The dramatic song “Fool’s Overture” completed the concert. But the fans wouldn’t let him go without some encores and they didn’t give up until he came back into the spotlight and gave them the song “Take the long way home” again.


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