2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Göttingen, September 23

2009 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Göttingen, September 23


SET LIST for Göttingen and Paderborn (Same for both shows)

Take the long way home
Give a little bit
Lovers in the wind
Hide in your shell
Easy does it
Sister Moonshine
Soapbox Opera
Along came Mary
The Logical Song


Breakfast in America
Lord is it Mine?
Child Of Vision
Even in the Quietest moments
Don't leave me now
Fools Overture

** ENCORE **

It's Raining Again

Article in Gottingen Newspaper:


Written by Rhea Maria Richter
English translation by Claudia Yildiz

With Roger Hodgson back to the 70’s. He became famous as the singer and songwriter of the British Pop-and Rock band Supertramp and he even became world-famous with the song “Breakfast in America”. Roger Hodgson’s music is very successful until today and attained cult-status.

Having cancelled his concert in March, he stopped in Göttingen with his tour “Take the long way home” Wednesday evening and presented his Supertramp classic hits in the “Stadthalle” (civic hall).
Songs, that made him grow, human interest songs, or, as he says songs, that are “The Soundtrack of my life”.
We are back in 1974. The radio was tuned to music and there’s a top ten-title and suddenly everyone pricks up the ears:
Dreamer”. Singing, dancing and dreaming everywhere around. Then in front of the radio, today in the civic hall.

Melodic Pop songs
The man dressed in a white shirt and with shoulder length hair is onstage with the same charismatic aura, just like back in the days.
His melodic pop songs and ballads that are very often played on the radio, still strike the taste of the audience.
Be it that memories are awakened or that the music makes you dreaming: you don’t need to be a connoisseur of Hodgson to catch, that his music is sophisticated and well-conceived.

Were the most of his songs, that he played, originally composed for a whole band, he reduced the number of musicians to two in Göttingen. Hodgson switches between keyboards, guitar and grand piano, sings his songs and his assistant arranges the musical accompaniment.
In his songs he sings from life and from love, from problems that existed now and then.

May it be his long lasting experience or the “We all love eachother”- atmosphere, which he creates through his moderation:
he succeeds in opening the hearts of the listeners for his music. Let’s come back to that Wednesday in 2009, when Roger Hodgson performed in Göttingen.
Oh well, it was just the same as back in the days.

Roger Hodgson won the heart of the audience again.


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