2012 TOUR, ROGER HODGSON, Tulsa, February 28

2012 TOUR, ROGER HODGSON, Tulsa, February 28

Roger Hodgson
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tulsa, Oklahoma

February 28, 2012

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Take the Long Way Home | School | In Jeopardy | Lovers in the Wind | Hide in Your Shell | Sister Moonshine | Breakfast in America | Lady | Along Comes Mary | The Logical Song | Lord is It Mine | Even in the Quietest Moments | Don’t Leave Me Know | Fool’s Overture | Child of Vision | Dreamer

Give a Little Bit


Roger Hodgson may not be a household name but, back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, the band he was a member of certainly was.

As the main vocalist and songwriter for Supertramp, Hodgson toured the world, playing his songs in stadiums and enjoying massive chart success.

At the height of the band’s popularity, Hodgson did the unthinkable for a successful musician in a rock band…he quit. Not only did he leave the band, he left the music industry to raise his children. A decision of that magnitude can only be made by a man that has his own ego well grounded and, indeed, Hodgson does. On a rainy Tuesday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma he came across as a dedicated musician and vocalist that cares about both his craft and his audience. Several times during his performance Hodgson took time to remind all in attendance how important love was and how he hoped his music would bring back special memories for his fans. He even gave up center stage to allow a man to propose marriage to his girlfriend – luckily for all involved she said “Yes!”

Musically and vocally, Hodgson picked up right where he left off with Supertramp, as age has not triumphed over his physical abilities. In Supertramp, he had one of rock’s most recognizable voices, a gift that continues to this day. He hit the high notes and was able to recreate the moments on his most known songs whether it be with words, or with the unique way that he, at times, uses his voice as another instrument on stage.

This night’s performance featured Roger playing with a full band, often times he plays without a backing band. They performed flawlessly. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron MacDonald was as much fun to watch as he was to listen too. The rest of the band consisted of Kevin Adamson on keyboards, David J Carpenter on bass and Bryan Head on drums.

The concert began with Roger trotting out one of his most successful tunes of all time; “Take the Long Way Home” from the multi-platinum Breakfast in America. At the conclusion of the song, the grateful audience gave Hodgson the first of many standing ovations. Tramp fans were in for a treat as Roger followed up with fan favorite “School” while fans of his 1984 solo release, In the Eye of the Storm, were thrilled with back to back songs from that album in “In Jeopardy” and “Lovers in the Wind.” The other solo Hodgson song performed was “Along Came Mary,” from his solo release titled Open the Door in the year 2000. The song, lyrically and musically, is enticing and is hands down the best song Roger has released since leaving Supertramp. The crowd agreed, being brought to their feet, once again, upon the song’s conclusion.

Dubbed The Breakfast in America Tour, Supertramp’s most successful album was represented well, as along with “Take the Long Way Home,” Hodgson performed the others songs he wrote on the classic album including the title track, “The Logical Song,” “Lord is It Mine” and “Child of Vision.” Two of the songs that the crowd were very enthusiastic about were “Sister Moonshine” and “Lady” both from Crisis? What Crisis? The Supertramp classic Even in the Quietest Moments was represented during the main set by the title track and “Fool’s Overture.” While songs performed from Crime of the Century were “Dreamer” and “Hide in Your Shell.” Hodgson’s final Supertramp album, Famous Last Words, saw the hit “Don’t Leave Me Now” performed.

The most musical moment of the evening came when the band performed “Fool’s Overture” as this is a very progressive piece of music, not easily replicated live. On this night it was performed to perfection. “Child of Vision” was also grand, the emotional song bringing another standing ovation. The main set ended with “Dreamer” as the crowd stood on their feet during the entire tune and sang every word along with Roger.

The band bowed and bid the audience adieu but no one dared leave the venue as the applause guaranteed and encore. Hodgson did not disappoint as he came back to the stage and played “Give a Little Bit.”

Hodgson left the audience with words of encouragement and thanks. He is a consummate musician that takes his craft seriously. Every aspect of his performance was flawless.

Classic Rock Revisited highly recommends seeing Hodgson live if he comes near your area (tour dates are listed below). If the opportunity, however, does not afford itself, then be sure to check out Roger’s latest release, Classics Live, which is available at his website,www.rogerhodgson.com

Roger Hodgson’s Breakfast in America Tour 2012

Milwaukee, WI - Pottawatomie Casino / Northern Lights - March 3, 4 and 5
Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Live - March 7
Ft. Pierce, FL - Sunrise Theatre - March 8
Hinckley, MN - Grand Casino Hinckley - March 2
Seattle, WA - August 9
Portland, OR - August 10
Brooks, CA - Cache Creek Casino - August 11
Saratoga, CA - Saratoga Mountain Winery - August 12
Lincoln, RI - Twin River Casino Event Center - August 17
Highland Park, IL - Ravinia Pavilion - August 23
Chautauqua, NY - Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater - August 25


Review: Roger Hodgson at the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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Photo and Story by Scott Smith

Roger Hodgson is proving that he indeed was the golden voice of Supertramp.

The 61-year-old former Supertramp co-leader smiled countless times throughout his hit-filled, solo set Feb. 28 at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa, Okla., near Tulsa, bouncing between piano, electric keyboards and possibly the greatest-sounding 12-string acoustic guitar. Billed as part of his “Breakfast in America: The Voice of Supertramp Tour,” the concert offered ample proof that Hodgson still brings his A-game to the stage.

The Supertramp show-stopper “Take the Long Way Home” came first in the set, surprising many people in the near-capacity audience who expected the 1979 classic to be an encore. “So you think you’re a Romeo, playing a part in a picture show, take the long way home,” Hodgson sang with ease, his voice still registering in strong, first-tenor territory.

Backed by a gifted quartet of musicians who smartly chose to play close to — but not exactly like — the sound and style of the Supertramp originals, Hodgson reached for his 12-string acoustic guitar for “School,” the opening track on Supertramp’s “Crime of the Century” LP from 1974. “School” is a track that finds Hodgson at his most serious. Either Hodgson’s narrative is just ranting against the machine (school, society’s expectations), or its the warped vision of stalker — “I can see you in the morning when you go to school, don’t forget your books, you know you’ve got to learn the golden rule,” “Maybe I was wrong, expecting you to fight …..”

Hodgson returned to his gleeful, kind-faced self for the hopeful “Sister Moonshine,” and when he played the stomping-yet-bouncy “Breakfast in America,” Hodgson won some of the evening’s loudest cheers — and the first of several standing ovations.

Also nestled into the nearly infallible set were “The Logical Song,” “Hide in Your Shell,” “Lovers in the Wind,” “In Jeopardy,” “Lady,” “Child of Vision” and “Don’t Leave Me Now.”

The concert didn’t include “It’s Raining Again,” Hodgson’s 1982, metaphorical good-bye to Supertramp, but a home-run take of “Lord Is it Mine” and splendid readings of “Fool’s Overture” and “Even in the Quietest Moments” more than covered for that omission.

Following the peppy “Dreamer,” Hodgson strapped on his 12-string acoustic guitar for the encore, a faithful reading of his 1977 Supertramp classic, “Give a Little Bit.” The moment Hodgson struck the opening, chiming chords of the song, almost every audience member smiled and stood.

Hodgson’s feel-good vibe jumped even higher as he invited two fans onto the stage. The male fan held a microphone and described the other fan, his girlfriend, before bending one knee and proposing marriage. When the woman offered an enthusiastic “yes,” Hodgson then hugged the couple and wished them decades of happiness.

Backstage, Hodgson was equally friendly and laid-back with VIP ticket-holders, posing for photographs and autographing a few CD and vinyl LP covers. Clayton McGill, a fan who drove from Van Buren, Ark. to attend the concert, told Hodgson that his father once worked for a Radio Shack store.

“Yeah, when I was a kid, my father sold more radios and stereo equipment in that store by playing Supertramp music than any other band,” McGill said as Hodgson smiled. “My father passed away about a year ago.”

Hodgson then placed his left hand on McGill’s shoulder before speaking.

“Well, maybe your father is looking down right now, and, hopefully, he likes what he’s seen and heard tonight.”


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