2011 TOUR - SUPERTRAMP Victoria, May 31

2011 TOUR - SUPERTRAMP Victoria, May 31


The show was sold out 6000 people. They started at 8:13 & played 2 hours. Caution - My review is mixed....

It was an intersting start... They opened with You Started Laughing. It felt so slow, like extra slow, like Rick was playing to an old folks home slow.It was still good, though, just not a high energy start at all! The sound was crisp, but the lights in the first half of the show were blue, pink & fairly dim. 

You Started Laughing
Gone Hollywood
-Jessie on electric guitar and really seemed in his element.
Put on your old Brown Shoes - crowd into it - clapping along. Jessie on acoustic guitar.
Aint Nobody But Me
John didnt talk until here. He forgot where he was, as he said it is great to be back in & he paused... Western Canada....
Breakfast in America - Jessie on Grand Piano - very good!
Cannonball - Jessie on percussion showing off by twirling his drum sticks. :o) The horns were AWESOME, but the lighting was so dim!! The lights should have been way brighter!!
Poor Boy - Carl almost forgot his back up vocals here - so funny! He was laughing away! :o) The crowd was singing along, it was very good, but a very slow tempo... that Old Folks Home tempo again.
From Now On - I noticed that Rick wasnt wearing a wedding ring, however, I did see Sue standing to the side of stage. :o) John spoke again & mentioned Victoria. :o)
Give a litte bit- just Jessie on guitar until the drums & all kicked in. The floor section was on their feet.
- Lots of lighters being lit - cool that is still done! However, maybe those lighters were being used for something else, as the smell of BC Bud was very strong during this song! Gabe did Rogers part & his voice is super high - he was very good.
Its Raining Again - Gabe sang & he only uses one hand when he plays keyboards. :o)
Another man's woman - The umbrella man was young, wearing light blue shorts and holding a Canadian beer & reading our local paper with the headlines Its a Beautiful Day... I think that was in reference to our hockey team going to the playoffs! :o) Jessie was awesome on the snare drum & as always Ricks piano solo rocked, although not as in depth as the last tour. On the last tour, I think the solo was longer, and he stood up & played last time for part of it. Hey, he is 66, so it was still amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take the long Way Home - Gabe sang. Audience was singing along.
Bloody well right - awesome energy - 6000 people singing, wicked trumpet solo by Lee & killer sax solo by John. He is so fricking good, eh! This song also brought out more lighters & more wafting smells of BC Bud. :o)
The Logical song - Jessie sang & he smiled after he hit Rogers high notes - he looked relieved. :o)
Goodbye Stranger - crowd singing & clapping. The lights were way better about half way through the show! They got brighter. I saw Sue backstage smiling during this song.
They got a standing ovation - the crowd was amazing.

School - Jessie on electric guitar & Jessie & Carl were awesome with the double guitar solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee was on grand piano.
Dreamer - they started singing softly, Come on and dream, dream along for a few bars... a different opening... Gessie & Gabe sang this together- very good harmonies.
Crime of the century - what can I say. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jessie & Carl on guitar rocked this! John on sax was just stellar. WOW! At the end, Rick, Jessie, Lee & Gabe were all on piano & keys doing the ending.... super powerful.

It is cool that the crowd knows it is the end after this song.
So, overall, the 1st half of the show was lower energy, slow & dim lights. The last half was way better - energy, brighter lights, faster tempos.

There was a point where it sounded like an amp blew. God help the person who heard that in his ear piece. It was LOUD!

In all honesty, I didnt feel Cassie was a great addition. They could do without her. ( Sorry, Lee!) She is good, but how many back up vocals does a band need..... she doesnt play any instruments... she just looks pretty. :o)

Gabe was very good, but Jessie could have handled all of Rogers songs.

I left with mixed emotions. I am glad that I went, but I am one of those Roger people, where it is really hard for me to see other people do his tunes.

There were some parts of the show that were 10 out of 10 -BWR, AMW, and some that were a 3 for me ( You started Laughing & the tempos of some other songs as mentioned)

I still would recommend the show, I think I am just a hard critic! :o)

Rogers songs did receive the most audience appeal.

Cheers & I look forward to hearing other Canadian reviews!
Lorna :o)!!


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