1996 "Rites of Passage" Tour

1996 "Rites of Passage" Tour

Roger Hodgson: with John Helliwell, Andrew Hodgson, etc

A short tour in California, starting in Santa Cruz, for the recording of "Rites of passage" album. Recording was made on August 2.

The album was released in 1997, ten year after his previous album.

The band with Roger Hodgson:
John Helliwell (saxophone)
Andrew Hodgson (drums, digeridoo)
Mikail Graham (guitar, keyboards, percussion)
Rich Stanmyre (bass)
Jeff Daniel (hammond, keyboards, percussion)
Terry Riley (tamboura)
Josh Newan (cello)

Andrew Hodgson (Roger's son) was the drumer and fortunatelly John Helliwell (saxophone player in Supertramp) was able to join the tour just weeks before he joined Supertramp for the recording of the album "Somethings never change".

John and Roger together on stage after 14 years !!!

July 2, Santa Cruz
July 3, Santa Cruz
July 4, Santa Cruz
July 25, Sacramento
August 1 Nevada City
August 2 Nevada City

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