1998 South American tour

1998 South American tour


ROGER HODGSON: Several countries in South America. A big succes.

Argentina, Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, etc.. late 1998. Some of the shows aired on TV.


November 5,  Curitiba, Brazil
November 7,  Vinhedo, Brazil
November 9,  Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 10, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 12, Recife, Brazil
November 13, Fortaleza, Brazil
November 14, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
November 15, Opiniao, Porto Alegre, Brasil
November 18, Asunción, Paraguay
November 20, Rosario, Argentina
November 21, Córdoba, Argentina
November 22, Mar del Plata, Argentina
November 23, Bahía Blanca, Argentina
November 27, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 28, Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 29, Teatro Monumental, Santiago de Chile
December 1,  Concepción, Chile
December 2,  Montevideo, Uruguay
December 3,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 4,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 5,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 7,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 14, Lima, Peru
December 15, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
December 16, La Paz, Bolivia
December 17, Quito, Ecuador
December 20, San José, Costa Rica


Roger was accompanied by Rich Stanmyre ( Bass player) and Jeff Phillips ( Drums)
Roger met Norbert Fimpel (Saxophone player) in a party after the show in Buenos Aires and he joined them for the rest of the tour on December 3 as you can read on this INTERVIEW with Norbert.

During this 1998 tour Roger perfomed some new songs, that two years later went to a studio album (open the door):
- Love is a thousand times
- Say goodbye
- Along came Mary
- Death and a zoo


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