2011 Supertramp 70-10 Tour

2011 Supertramp 70-10 Tour





Supertramp has announced the continuation of their acclaimed 70-10 TOUR, which celebrates forty-plus years since the release of their first album, “Supertramp”, in 1970.
The next leg of the tour will begin on May 31, 2011 in Victoria, Canada and will include stops in twelve Canadian cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. In July, Supertramp will return to France visiting, Rouen, Strasbourg and more.
The band will also perform a couple of nights at the legendary Monte Carlo Sporting Club.


 Once again, joining Supertramp’s founder, lead singer and keyboardist, Rick Davies, are legendary Supertramp members John Anthony Helliwell, saxophones and woodwinds, and Bob Siebenberg, drums. Veterans of past Supertramp tours, Jesse Siebenberg, lead vocals, guitars and percussion, Cliff Hugo, bass, Carl Verheyen, guitars and Lee Thornburg, horns, will round out the lineup.  Cassie Miller and Gabe Dixon, who joined the band last fall, are back too.

“I was really proud of our performances on the last tour,” said Rick Davies.  “There was a great chemistry between all of us.  These guys are incredible musicians and playing together each night was a lot of fun.  And that fun transcended to the audience.”  When asked whether Roger Hodgson might appear on some of the dates Davies replied, “I know there are some fans out there who would like that to happen.  There was a time when I had hoped for that too.  But the recent past makes that impossible.  In order to play a great show for our fans, you need harmony, both musically and personally. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist between us anymore and I would rather not destroy memories of more harmonious times between all of us.”

Rick Davies, along with set and lighting designer, Michael Brian Duncan, developed a new stage production that excited audiences with a classic Supertramp experience, a delight for both the eyes and ears. (website note: This paragraph was copied from last year announcement, weird. Also, this point was precisely the weakest point in that tour, poor stage production for a superband in big venues...) Reviews of the shows were very positive throughout the 2010 European tour, fueling the demand for these new shows in 2011. The band will again perform a plethora of classics from their forty-year history, including Bloody Well Right, Dreamer, From Now On, Goodbye Stranger, The Logical Song, Rudy and many, many more.

Our Note: Then Supertramp and Roger Hodgson will be on tour during 2011, separate ways, like they did in 2002 and 2010.

Set List: Only songs from 1973-1983 period and one or two songs from latest albums. Same Set-list than tour 2010.
Line-up: Rick Davies, John Helliwell, Bob Siebenberg, Carl Verheyen, Cliff Hugo, Jesse Siebenberg, Gabe Dixon, Lee Thornburg and Cassie Miller (Lee's wife) 

En Español:

Supertramp ha anunciado la continuación de su aclamada gira 70-10 TOUR, que celebra los más de 40 años desde el lanzamiento de su primer album, “Supertramp”, en 1970. La nueva extensión de la gira comenzará el 31 Mayo 2011 en Victoria, Canada e incluirá paradas en 12 ciudades canadienses, incluyendo Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, y Quebec City. En Julio, Supertramp retornará a Francia visitando Rouen, Strasbourg y más. La banda actuará también un par de noches en el legendario  Monte Carlo Sporting Club.

De nuevo, junto al fundador de Supertramp, cantante y teclista Rick Davies, unen sus fuerzas los miembros legendarios de la banda John Anthony Helliwell, saxofones y vientos, y Bob Siebenberg a la batería. También los veteranos de giras pasadas Jesse Siebenberg, voces, guitarras y percusión, Cliff Hugo, bajo, Carl Verheyen, guitarras, y Lee Thornburg, trompetas, completarán la banda.  Cassie Miller y Gabe Dixon, que se unieron a la banda en la pasada gira de otoño, continuarán también.

“Me sentí muy orgulloso de nuestras actuaciones durante la pasada gira,” afirma Rick Davies.  “Hubo una gran química entre todos nosotros.  Los chicos son unos músicos increíbles y tocar juntos cada noche fué muy divertido.  Y esa diversión se traspasó a la audiencia.”  Cuando se le preguntó por la posibilidad de que Roger Hodgson hiciera alguna aparición en algún show de la gira, Davies comentó “Se que hay algunos fans que les gustaría que eso ocurriera.  Hubo un tiempo en el que yo tenía esperanzas en ello también. Pero el pasado reciente hace eso imposible.  Para estar en disposición de interpretar un gran show para nuestros fans se necesita armonía, tanto musical como personal. Desafortunadamente eso ya no existe entre nosotros y prefiero no destruir nuestras memorias de tiempos mas armoniosos entre todos nosotros.”

Rick Davies, junto con el diseñador de luces y escenario Michael Brian Duncan, han desarrollado una nueva Producción para deleitar los ojos y los oídos de las audiencias con la experiencia del clásico Supertramp. (Nota de la web: este párrafo lo han copiado exactamente de la gira anterior, y fué precisamente uno de los puntos mas flojos y criticados de la gira, una puesta en escena de lo más corriente para tratarse de una superbanda que toca en grandes escenarios....)

Las criticas de los shows fueron muy positivas a lo largo de la gira Europea 2010, animando la demanda para mas shows en 2011. La banda interpretará de nuevo una gran cantidad de clásicos de sus 40 años de historia, incluyendo  Bloody Well Right, Dreamer, From Now On, Goodbye Stranger, The Logical Song, Rudy y muchos más.

Nota de nuestra web: Es decir, Roger Hodgson y Supertramp harán giras simultáneas durante 2011, como ya pasó en 2002 y 2010. Disfrutemos pues de ambas giras !


Repertorio: Se confirma el mismo repertorio que en la gira 2010
Componentes: Rick Davies, John Helliwell, Bob Siebenberg, Carl Verheyen, Cliff Hugo, Jesse Siebenberg, Gabe Dixon, Lee Thornburg y Cassie Miller (mujer de Lee) 



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From Roger Hodgson management:

"In regards to the Paris DVD, Roger really doesn't like that fans keep getting promised this Paris DVD for all these years because there have been legal problems with the release of it. We just found out that since December Rick and Sue Davies' attorneys have been in conflict with the band's attorneys on the release of the DVD and basically, bottom line, Rick & Sue Davies don't want it to be released and that is what has held it up all this time. Roger, John, Bob and Dougie have wanted it to be released for years now, though it seems since Rick and Sue Davies trademarked the Supertramp name they can still do a lot of things that Roger and the rest of the band are not in agreement with.
And yes, we also had been told through the grapevine and now see that it is posted on their website that Rick and the musicians he went out with last year are going out again this year. Just for all the fans to know, again, Rick and Sue Davies did not invite Roger or Dougie Thompson for their tour this year. And if Rick & Sue Davies would allow Roger and Dougie to do a few special reunion shows with Supertramp, Roger would still do that for the fans sake, a few special historical reunion concerts. So, yes, you can post this on the fan site because Roger would like the fans to know these things."



May 31
Victoria Save On Memorial Centre
Victoria, Canada
Jun 02
Vancouver Rogers Arena
Vancouver, Canada

Jun 03
Kelowna BC Prospera Place
Kelowna BC, Canada


Jun 04
Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome
Calgary, Canada      


Jun 05
Edmonton Rexall Place
Edmonton, Canada


Jun 07
Saskatoon Credit Union Center
Saskatoon, Canada


Jun 08
Winnipeg MTS Centre
Winnipeg, Canada


Jun 11
London John Labatt Centre
London Ontario, Canada


Jun 12
Toronto Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Toronto, Canada


Jun 14
Ottawa Scotiabank Place
Ottawa, Canada


Jun 15
Quebec City Agora
Quebec City, Canada


Jun 16
Montreal Bell Centre
Montreal, Canada



Jul 07
Zénith (Rouen)
Rouen, France

Jul 08
Zénith (Strasbourg)
Strasbourg, France  

Jul 10
Nimes - - Le Festival de Nimes at Les Arènes
Nimes, France

Jul 13
Monte Carlo Sporting Club
Monte Carlo

Jul 14
Monte Carlo Sporting Club
Monte Carlo

Jul 15
Carcassonne - Festival de Carcassonne
Carcassonne, France

Jul 16
Festival Vieilles Charrues 2011,
Carhaix, France


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