ROGER HODGSON Interview, Barcelona, 4th July 1997

ROGER HODGSON Interview, Barcelona, 4th July 1997


This is the first interview Jordi Sabater (web master) did with Roger Hodgson.
Actually the first interview in his life !!! He got the Pulitzer award for this I think ....... or maybe not :o)

Actually, Jordi was able to ask some questions to Roger.......
That night after the show I was waiting in the line for more than one hour, and the only words I was able to say was something like "I'm very happy to see you. I was listening your music all my life at home and everywhere, You are very important in my life, you are part of my life, part of me...."
I was very nervous, you know. But before I said anything, when Roger look at my eyes, very quiet, I realized that Roger felt I'm part of him too, wow, not easy to put it in words, you know....
That was the more special day in my life.

For Jordi too. He hardly remember the first day he met Roger. It was in the "Ramblas" of Barcelona, in a bar, tour 1979, Jordi was only 12 years old .... and he just said "hello" to Roger, and he went later to the show.
Me too (I was 17), and the 1983 tour also..... an old love story :o)

The 4th July 1997 was a typical "hard working day" for Roger promoting his last album around Europe:

- Breakfast (in Spain) with Jordi
- Radio show in "Catalunya Radio" at 11:30am
- After lunch, interview in "El Periodico" (the most important newspaper here).
- One-hour-Promo-show in the Fnac shop at evening (and signing autographs and taking photos for near two hours)

Miguel Angel Candela


By Jordi Sabater


After receiving Roger and Heidi Hodgson in the airport, we did set up an appointment for next day, during Breakfast (BREAKFAST IN SPAIN....). Why don't ask some questions to Roger ? I did not prepare too much, just a simple list of what I thought it would be interesting for all the fans.
Next day, concerts day, I arrived at the Hotel. I found the company record girl who was helping Roger during that days...and Roger arrived in some minutes.

What was going to be a short and concise interview changed to a long conversation about a big amount of things.
Here is a short part of it, mainly focused on what all the fans were asking themselves....

JS: I don't know how to begin....what do you think ?
RH ....are there questions who will be in your website ?

JS: Yes, we will put this interview as a part of your Barcelona concert rapport.
So, I think we should begin with some professional questions.
Are you planning to tour Europe or Spain in the near future ?
At the same time, I was showing him a printed form of his European Website main page, so the conversation changed....
RH Oh, I see.... You know, at the moment we have two web sites, the european site and the Unicorn one

JS Yes, this copy is from the European one
RH Yes, and now it's going to change....We were having so much trouble in getting ours going that we talk with the guy....
he was doing such a great job that we decided to do it with him.... There will be a long, long interview, with me, my son and all the band...each one , and a lot of information....not this week (laugh) in a few, touring (pause)..yeah,
I want to tour very much..and at the moment I'm thinking about touring by myself because this is the time of beginning, a new beginning for me...I've been doing some shows just by myself and having a lot of was just go out and make it...just be with people and have back my relationship with the has been very good for me and I'm the quickest way to go on and tour, instead of setting up a big production that would take me another year, it's doing it like this... I hope later this year...

JS From your last album, are there many song written some years ago ?
RH Yeah.... Don't you want to get high is old....Every Trick in the book is old...Showdown is quite new, maybe 3 years, Time waits for no one it's new, maybe two years...Red Lake it's quite new..a year or two...a year or two
it's new for me.
I have actually songs that I wrote when I was 18, maybe 19...between 17 and 20 I wrote a lot of songs:
Breakfast in America, Logical Song, Fool's overture, Two of us...I have a lot of songs.. and I have to sing them before I die (laugh)

JS And what about your son, Andrew...he has a song in your album and it's a great one...
RH You know, Andrew was born with music in his veins and the wonderful thing is that he is not a clone of Roger Hodgson...
he is very much his own musician..he never asks me to teach him...he's very independent..he has learnt the piano and guitar by himself, he plays drums, harmonica,and many others...and now he has written a song for the album...he has make Fool's Overture to be just a normal pop song (laugh)..You know, on piano he's more melancholic but on guitar he likes to be more energetic.

JS Maybe a duet with you in the future ?
RH Yeah, I think so. He's very conscious that my audience is not his audience. He wants to play his audience, his age... and I don't attract too many of his age group.

JS I don't will see this afternoon (the concert)
RH Well, not too many....yet (laugh)...if he was with me I would probably attract more teenagers...

JS Well, please, remeber to play Rosie this afternoon... (he did it)....
As an Internet surfer, what do you feel when you visit fan pages, your read opinions in guestbooks, etc... ?
RH (He thinks a lot...) You know, there has always been a big space between me and people who likes my music and songs... I think that there's a common think when you have managers, record companies, agencies, etc...
it's very difficult to reach the people...even in the backstage, when radio people, press and record companies people come to visit you, you never see the real fans.
What I like about the web it's that it gives another way to connect with the fans....for example, with my last record, I'm discovering that by far the most favourite song is Time waits for no one, for the fans...and when I listen to the radio, radio will never play Time waits for no one...that helps me a lot...that tells me a lot of what people are wanting...

(too much noise, sorry...the tape was not really professional)

RH ...I'm so fascinated with the Net...I still need time to get on with's just amazing...going from one place to another...

(too much noise again...)

RH ..what music do is that it brings people together. In the sixties, music was the voice of the people, for a whole generation... when we were singing "All you need is love" was really the voice of a whole generation...
Who else represents people now ? Politicians don' t...

(the conversation changed to very interesting points, quite far from Roger's music...)

RH know, when I read guestbooks...a lot of them say that they could not realise that there were too many fans out there...they didn't know it....

JS That's true...after some months, with them I have developed a strong friendship because we have too much in comon, and it's just music.
RH Yes, I understand...and that's great. For me it's my challenge how to respond occasionally to people without giving my e-mail address (laugh)...thing would go out of control very quicly...I know Peter Gabriel was really interested in the Net,
but things went out of control and he had to cut it.

(we spent some time talking about ways of sending e-mail without giving address and all this kind of things... he gave me some pictures...he signed CD's and everything and I showed him some "strange" collectors records I had with some cases he was very surprised.)

At 11:30 he had to go to a radio interview.

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