When Mike Pinder left Moody Blues they lost the lessons-of-the-soul part of their band, I stopped buying their albums.
Same story goes for Supertramp. Hayward & Lodge can still pull a very good Moody's concert out of the hat, but You were Supertramp.
It is very obvious why Rick will not play YOUR music, this music is from YOUR heart and can only be brought forth by your fingers and those wonderful vocal cords.
Now, pull that orchestra together while those cords are still vibrating well. ...and use lots of good mic's.
The DVD made me smile a lot, sing along a lot, at times gave me chills, and put me in total amazement of how two men and an audience could recreate those fabulous Supertramp/Hodgson soul stories.
Thank you for such a wonderful gift!
Speaking of gifts, I'll be back to your site in a couple weeks to purchase a few more of the DVD's for Christmas gifts.
I can't wait to give'em.
Bravo Roger, Bravo!
Much love,

Roger, I have been a fan of Supertramp, and you, since I was a young adult on my own in Central Canada!
I can honestly say, from the first time I heard Superstramp, I was hooked! Your music was intoxicating! And still is!
I saw you with the band Supertramp in Winnipeg, Canada in the mid 1970's-my first "live" concert. WOW! What memories!
I continue to be a loyal wife and I still love Supertramp, your solo albums, etc. Congratulations on your DVD and such a diverse and successful career!
Best regards in your future endeavours! Rick & family.
I just love the new DVD ....playing it to death!! Brad


I have watched your DVD a few times since the show and have to say I love having the touch point to such amazing music in a context that feels as though I am right back in my front row seat.
I am thrilled that from the little time I spent with you seeing you on stage, then seeing the DVD that you have such a wonderful demeanor. You come across as such a down to earth guy. This is wonderful to see in the context of how you
have lived your live. I work in the world of professional sports and many athletes could learn a thing or two on kindness.
I promise to be sitting somewhere in an arena on your next tour through Canada.
PS.......please record the song Oh Brother............I love it


What a wonderful experience it was to see you again this year at Casino Rama.
My fiancé and I were lucky enough to get second row seats and quite frankly; I have never sat closer to the stage in my life and we were not disappointed by any means. From start to finish, your personal love for your music and your fans was heart warming.
The sneak preview of Sister Moonshine set the stage for the evening and the love affair with your fans was apparent throughout.
Having purchased your DVD just a few weeks ago was a wonderful warm up to your live show and a great addition to my music collection.
The addition of the orchestra and choir for the Rama shows was also incredible and a joy to listen to. "Fools Overture" gave me goose bumps.
My fiancé’s love for the saxophone, which was utilized wonderfully. I as many others have grown up with your music and I am one of the every 15 Canadians that owns "Crime of the Century" as well as "Breakfast in America"; not to mention all Supertramp albums as well as your solo material. Cheers and thank you! It was a night we both will never forget!

My brother sent me the DVD concert in Montreal. It's just awesome. I started crying the minute I heard Roger's voice.
My brother and I have been long time fans of Super Tramp going back to the 70's. I live in Florida and would like to know if Roger has
any plans to tour the USA. I live in Ft Lauderdale, FL. I sincerely hope that Roger makes arrangements to come here sometime in the future.
Thank you for all your wonderful music. It means everything to me and my family.


Hello Roger and management,
THANK YOU for a brilliant DVD!! Any chance of making a cd version available?
I'd like to see some sort of Supertramp box set of demos, outtakes and unreleased songs, as opposed to a retrospective best of collection..
Or if this complicated, how about a box set of Roger's demo's, outtakes and unreleased songs!
As a long time fan from the 70's, I yearn and hunger for more of Roger's music.
Cheers and thanks for the music of my lifetime,

Hi Roger,
My wife and i have been fans of your music for years. I saw Supertramp the first time you played Toronto's Massey Hall! Great memories!!
I just wanted to say that we watched your new DVD tonight and were totally amazed and impressed by the show! Thank You!!!
Anyway, thanks for the grreat music and inspiring thoughts from your DVD. Yours Truly,
Paul and Denise

Hi, Great job with Rogers DVD, My kids just love it.
My daughter is 3 1/2 and my son is a year old. He dances and rocks to the songs
and sits on my lap and claps after each song. So cute to see.
I'll be at the Saturday show at Casino Rama, going to meet up with Rita and some other Fans. It would be great to have a DVD with Roger and the orchestra. Full version of fools overture, Babaji, Lord is it mine, etc. I'm sure it would be a top seller as well, but I am so glad to have this DVD. The sneak previews of Fools overture just made me want to hear the rest! Thanks once again and all the best!
Wally in Ajax, Ontario


"oh my god" is what i was saying when i first heard you sing this beautiful "Supertramp” type song on the new d.v.d which is awsome all the way through. I LOVE your classic trade mark melodic soft rock/pop with soulful vocals, and the new song, Oh Brother”, is classic Roger "AMAZING SONG". I’m very blessed to have seen you in London and Casino Rama and live now watched you solo
on d.v.d, its hard to say which I like better because there is something extra oomf LOL about the band with your beautiful melodic sound, and in saying that your melodies sound wonderful by yourself. I know you have many TRUE lifelong fans and I’m proud to say that I am one of them, I still love SUPERTRAMP very much, though without you they are NOT the same, you were the magic and you still are. GOD BLESS YOU MAN, you are the greatest singer/songwriter EVER in my and many peoples opinion. ROCK ON ROGER !!!! I love you from the bottom of my heart PEACE AND LOVE Andy

PS. PLEASE release the song Oh Brother, it is a melodic masterpiece, I absolutley LOVE it, one of your best in a while, though I loved many songs on the open the door c.d too. You are my hero, my inspiration, my favourite singer/songwriter on the planet. GLORY GLORY

Hello Roger!
Bought your DVD and it's truly sensational. Your music and songs came from your heart and touched us both.
After the DVD was over, I "Googled" you and discovered you are coming to Calgary, Canada November 19th so naturally I bought two tickets. Your music has never sounded better Roger. It shows you are in a wonderful time of your life and we are very happy for you. See you in Calgary!!

I bought the DVD Live in Montreal of a deliverer in the South America, I saw and I adored. Fantastic! I would like that Roger came in Brazil and repeated this incredible performance here.
Congratulations to everybody that had participated in the production of the event.


I am very glad to have this great DVD of Roger Hogson. It's such a heart warming DVD.
Florian, my son of four, also loves it. His favourite is lovers in the wind!


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