Supertramp Tour 2010, official statements


Supertramp is back, but again without co-founder Roger Hodgson, who will not be touring with Supertramp.
What a weird situation, since Roger was trying a reunion with Rick during last years, as you have read in several interviews, but Rick refused, finally he decided to make an unexpected tour. Everyone, musicians, promoters, fans, were shocked by this decision.
So whatever the reason is, Roger Hodgson and Supertramp will have simultaneous tours in 2010.
Let's enjoy both tours !

Jesse Siebenberg has cancelled his already planned collaboration with Roger this year, and he will join Supertramp for this tour.

En Español:

Supertramp vuelve a los escenarios en 2010, pero de nuevo sin el co-fundador Roger Hodgson, que no estará en la gira de Supertramp.
Una situación extraña, ya que como habéis ido leyendo en estos últimos años en entrevistas de Roger, éste lleva intentando sin éxito una gira-reunión con Rick, que Rick ha rechazado, y finalmente éste último ha decidido a última hora una inesperada gira bajo el nombre Supertramp, llamando al resto de músicos a partir de Febrero/Marzo, cosa que ha pillado por sorpresa a todos, tanto músicos y promotores, como fans.

Es decir, Roger Hodgson y Supertramp harán giras simultáneas durante 2010, como ya pasó en 2002.
Disfrutemos pues de ambas giras !

Jesse Siebenberg ha cancelado la colaboración que tenía prevista con Roger en Sudamérica y otros conciertos con banda, para sumarse al proyecto de Rick.


March 15, 2010: From "Le Parisien" newspaper

Supertramp is back
The mythical group will come on stage this Fall to celebrate his 40th birthday. The band will announce in a few days a tour that will include Europe, and France for five dates.
Supertramp will be in concert in Paris on October 18th (nota: Paris Bercy arena, 15,000 capacity), and in Nantes on October 12th, Lyon on October 16th, Toulouse on October 20th and Toulon on October 21st.
Tickets will be on sale mid-April.

This is no joke, Rick and Roger will be at the very same time in France, touring in the same towns...
Stay tuned for more information, especially to know who is involved in the Supertramp line up.

March, From other sources:

-Official announcement on tour late April. Rick started conversations with band mates just one or two months ago.

-Current plans may include up to a nine-piece band: Rick, Bob, John, Cliff, Carl, Jesse, with Lee Thornburg probably returning on horns. Another all-purpose musician or two and maybe even a female back up singer. No Mark Hart, due to his being a full-time Crowded House member currently -- no drama here and it sounds like the band would've really loved to have had Mark for this one;

-Roger Hodgson will not be touring with Supertramp. So Roger Hodgson and Supertramp will have simultaneous tours.

-Supertramp tour to be in Europe initially this Fall/Winter and -maybe- North American in early 2011, tbd.

-Long list of gigs were anonuced in several websites, for September-October in Europe. We will update this website with all dates soon. Stay tuned !!!!

March, From Roger Hodgson Management:

We have received emails from some of you saying you are a little confused if Roger is going to be touring with Supertramp this year or not. I can tell you that Roger has not been with Supertramp for 27 years now.

His 2010 tour has been planned for half a year now and we have many shows already in contract and on sale. So it is impossible at this point for him to join Supertramp on their tour.

So please let your friends and family know that Roger will be doing solo shows, band shows, and orchestra shows. He will not be touring with Supertramp - we do not want fans to be confused about this (as many were in 2002!)


May 8, From Supertramp's Management:


In June of 2008 Rick Davies went to meet with Roger Hodgson to discuss the possibility of a reunion with him. After fifteen months of discussions, last fall Rick and Roger did not come to an agreement as was hoped. Roger decided to continue his solo career as he has since leaving Supertramp twenty-seven years ago.

After a bit of soul searching and much encouragement and support from Supertramp's longstanding promoters, Rick decided to put the band back on the road.

The "70-10 Tour" is a celebration of 40 years of Supertramp, which Rick started in 1970, but it is not a reunion with Roger Hodgson. We wish Roger well and look forward to playing for you this fall.

We sincerely hope this puts an end to the confusion that has been circulating on the internet and in the press.


May 10, From Roger Hodgson Management:

Harmonic Management and Roger Hodgson statement

The Latest from Buenos Aires.

Hi there. We just got off a 19 hour plane ride from Berlin where we just did an orchestra show and then flew to Argentina. And as we got here, we saw Supertramp’s statement on our google alerts which was very surprising. We just wanted to post a quick response to all the fans to say this isn’t true and there are a lot of holes in this statement. It doesn’t address anything about how they are using Roger’s songs and his voice to promote their tour or about Rick not honoring his agreement with Roger not to play his songs.

Yes, it is true that we did meet with Rick & Sue once. We had a cup of coffee in Canada in the summer in the middle of our 2008 tour. And then it was almost a year before we even spoke to them again. So to say there were negotiations happening during that time is simply not true.

Yet, what is more important is that Roger did write to Rick in February asking him if it was true that the anniversary tour was happening and he never got a reply. And we did offer to join Rick for a few special reunion concerts when our tour schedule allowed, and their agent told us they refused. We know how much fans have been wanting Roger to join Supertramp on this 40th Anniversary tour, so our main reason for offering was for the fans’ sake. We really think you deserve it. We want to honor all the appreciation that the fans have given Roger and Supertramp over the years for their music. Roger wouldn’t be here doing these concerts and playing the music that he loves if it wasn’t for you.

So, that is our quick response for now. We’re going to sleep for a few hours before band rehearsals. As we recover from jet lag we’ll give a longer statement.

Love to you all,
Harmonic Management & Roger


September 4, From Roger Hodgson Management:

What does Roger think of the Supertramp concerts…

So many of you have written in asking how Roger feels about the Supertramp concert and them playing so many of his songs – and about Jesse playing so many when he was supposed to be touring with Roger this year – and how they are continuing to use Roger’s songs and voice to advertise their shows which is still happening. For example, someone wrote on the guest book yesterday "I've just been shouting at the TV. Canal+ in France has just shown (around 18h35, today, 3rd September) an advert for "Supertramp", with the dates of their concerts in Paris. Only the name "Supertramp" was used. The name "Roger Hodgson" was not once mentioned. And yet every single extract they played featured - exclusively - your, Roger's, voice! I did not register Rick's voice at all…"

 Another fan sent an email last week about a Supertramp ticket give-away promotion on WDR radio. The question they asked was which is the most famous Supertramp song here in Germany? (It's Raining Again- by Roger). Then they played a medley of Roger's songs. They didn't mention that Roger would not be with Supertramp. The fan commented (translated from German): " I think it's not good when they advertise with Roger's songs and then he is not there. Certainly many fans will be disappointed."

 We thank you for all your emails, and Roger said that later he’ll release a statement and answer some of these questions for the fans, right now we’re focused on this special show tonight and the release of the Live CD. (And we so appreciate you informing us and posting responses about Roger and his songs. Much of the public don’t even know Roger Hodgson wrote the songs. So please keep that up!)

 Roger sends his best to everyone and thanks everyone for their support and wants everyone to know that he still thinks the right thing to do would be some special reunion shows with him and Supertramp. He’s done everything he knows how to do, and so has management and promoters and it’s up the fans if you really want it – he’s kept his calendar open in October. It’s for the fans that he plays music, so if you want it, then shout for it, write for it, petition for it. Roger is still willing and open.

 Lots of love to you all!

 Linda & Shakti


(en español, traducido por Ana Lopez)
Que piensa Roger de los conciertos de Supetramp…

Muchos de vosotros nos habéis escrito para preguntar cómo se siente Roger acerca de los conciertos de Supertramp, y que estén interpretando tantas de sus canciones – y acerca de que Jesse interprete algunas cuando se suponía que iba a estar de gira con Roger este año – y cómo es que continúan usando las canciones y la voz de Roger para anunciar sus shows, lo cual sigue sucediendo.

Por ejemplo, alguien escribió ayer en el Libro de Visitas: “He estado abucheando a la TV, Canal+ en Francia acaba de sacar (sobre las 18:35 h de hoy, 3 de Septiembre), un anuncio de “Supertramp”, con las fechas de sus conciertos en París. Sólo usaron el nombre “Supertramp”. El nombre “Roger Hodgson” no se mencionó ni una sola vez, pero cada canción que destacaron era –exclusivamente- suya, con la voz de Roger! No escuché la voz de Rick en absoluto…”

Otro fan nos envió un e-mail la pasada semana sobre una promoción en la Radio WDR, donde regalaban una entrada para Supertramp. La pregunta que hacían era cuál es la canción más famosa de Supertramp aquí, en Alemania? (It’s Raining Again – de Roger).Entonces pusieron un medley de canciones de Roger. No mencionaron que Roger no estaría con Supertramp. El fan comentó (traducido del alemán): “Creo que no está bien que se anuncian con canciones de Roger si él no está ahí. Ciertamente, muchos fans se sentirán decepcionados".

Os agradecemos todos vuestros e-mails, y Roger ha dicho que más tarde va a emitir un comunicado para responder algunas de estas preguntas de los fans, ahora mismo estamos centrados en este show especial de esta noche y en la edición del disco en directo. (Valoramos que nos informéis y posteéis comentarios sobre Roger y sus canciones. La mayoría del público ni siquiera sabe que Roger Hodgson escribió esas canciones. Así que por favor seguid adelante!)

Roger os envía a todos sus mejores deseos, y os agradece a todos vuestro apoyo y quiere que todos sepáis que él aún piensa que la manera correcta de hacer las cosas sería hacer unos shows especiales de reunión con él y Supertramp. Él ha hecho todo lo que podía hacer así como el equipo de management y los promotores, depende de los fans si realmente lo queréis – Él mantiene abierta su agenda de Octubre. Es para los fans que hace música, así que si lo queréis, entonces pedirlo a gritos, por escrito, pedirlo. Roger aún está dispuesto y abierto para ello.

Mucho amor para todos!

Linda & Shakti


March 2, 2011, From Roger Hodgson Management:

"In regards to the Paris DVD, Roger really doesn't like that fans keep getting promised this Paris DVD for all these years because there have been legal problems with the release of it. We just found out that since December Rick and Sue Davies' attorneys have been in conflict with the band's attorneys on the release of the DVD and basically, bottom line, Rick & Sue Davies don't want it to be released and that is what has held it up all this time. Roger, John, Bob and Dougie have wanted it to be released for years now, though it seems since Rick and Sue Davies trademarked the Supertramp name they can still do a lot of things that Roger and the rest of the band are not in agreement with.
And yes, we also had been told through the grapevine and now see that it is posted on their website that Rick and the musicians he went out with last year are going out again this year. Just for all the fans to know, again, Rick and Sue Davies did not invite Roger or Dougie Thompson for their tour this year. And if Rick & Sue Davies would allow Roger and Dougie to do a few special reunion shows with Supertramp, Roger would still do that for the fans sake, a few special historical reunion concerts. So, yes, you can post this on the fan site because Roger would like the fans to know these things."



2024 - ROGER HODGSON, No News Sin noticias
2023 - ROGER HODGSON, No News Sin noticias
November 2022 - ROGER HODGSON Message. Roger continues "out of the road". See his message in the home page, or here.
Roger Hodgson, Mensaje. Continua su "retiro". Podéis ver su mensaje en la pagina principal, o aquí.
November 2020 - ROGER HODGSON 2021 tour. Due to the covid-19 problems and safety concerns, the Tour 2021 has been canceled.
Roger Hodgson Gira 2021. Debido al covid-19 ly todos los problemas de seguridad que conlleva, la gira 2021 ha tenido que ser cancelada.
May 2020 - ROGER HODGSON announces new album: "CLASSICS LIVE 2"  Will be released this year 2020.
Roger Hodgson anuncia un nuevo album: "CLASSICS LIVE 2" que será publicado éste año 2020.

April 2020 - ROGER HODGSON 2020 tour dates. Due to the covid-19 the shows in Brazil, Argentina, and Canada are postponed to 2021. Same situation with other European festivals. No more concerts this year. Please check the new dates.
Roger Hodgson Gira 2020. Debido al covid-19 las giras por Brasil, Argentina y Canada han sido desplazadas a 2021. Lo mismo ocurre con algunos festivales en Europa. Ya no habrá mas conciertos este año. Ir comprobando las nuevas fechas.

June 2019 - ROGER HODGSON was awarded a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters at the Palais-Royal in Paris on June 4,  by Franck Riester, France’s Minister of Culture. 
Roger Hodgson recibió el 4 Junio en el Palacio Real de Paris la medalla de Caballero de la Orden las Artes y las Letras, entregada por el Ministro francés de Cultura Frank Rester 

November 2018 - ROGER HODGSON returns to Australia in 2019, and first tour in New Zealand
Roger Hodgson regresa a Australia en 2019, y primera gira por Nueva Zelanda

April 2018 - Roger Hodgson "Take the long way home" in a TV commercial, international, "Citroen" brand . Recorded in Spain (Sierra Nevada and Barcelona) 
Take the long way home es la banda sonora de la campaña interancional de Citroen en las Televisiones. Rodado en España (Sierra Nevada y Barcelona)
December 2017 - ROGER HODGSON Upcoming 2018 Tour Dates

December 2016 - ROGER HODGSON returns to Night of the Proms, in Germany, December 2017
Roger Hodgson regresa a Night of the Proms en Alemania, Diciembre de 2017
January 2015 - Roger Hodgson Give a little bit in a TV commercial, "SEAT Ibiza" car. See the commercial. And Twitter hastag
Give a litte bit en el nuevo anuncio del SEAT Ibiza. Ver el anuncio. Y elTwitter hastag
November 2014 - ROGER HODGSON, very interesting Radio Interviews, US, Oct-Nov 2014
October 2014 - ROGER HODGSON Upcoming 2015 Tour Dates
August 2014 - Roger's First visit to India. See the chronicle
Roger visita la India por primera vez. Ver Articulo
April 2014 - Tour 2014 kick off this month. Promotional video Roger in Madrid (June)
La gira 2014 comienza este mes.  Video Promocional del concierto de Madrid (Junio)
December 2013 - ROGER HODGSON Upcoming 2014 Tour Dates
November 2013 - Tour 2013 ends in Mexico. The official DVD of the tour will be released spring 2014, stay tuned ! Great new!!!
La gira 2013 finaliza en Mexico.  Estar atentos en primavera 2014 al lanzamiento del DVD oficial de la gira !! Será una bomba!!!
August 2013 - Roger Hodgson with orchestra in German TV: The recent concert in Stuttgart is aired on 3SAT channel, on August 6
Roger Hodgson con orquesta en la TV alemana: el reciente concierto de Stuttgart es emitido por el canal 3SAT aleman el 6 Agosto.
July 2013  - Concerts are being recorded on video: We saw in Barcelona and Appenzell gigs some mini-cameras (Go-Pro type) around the stage, installed by Roger's team, in order to produce a new DVD for sure. Even I saw Roger's team recording some scenes from the sides and back of stage during the show, looking for interesting and funny images. The new DVD will surprise to all of us, for sure !  Stay tuned. 
At the moment Roger Hodgson has announced the forthcoming release of a new CD, Classics Live 2
Los conciertos de la gira están siendo grabados en video: Pudimos apreciar en Barcelona y Appenzell que el equipo de Roger instaló gran cantidad de mini-cámaras (tipo Go-Pro) por diferentes puntos del escenario, con objeto seguramente de preparar un nuevo DVD de la gira. Incluso personal del equipo de Roger tomaba grabaciones desde ángulos insólitos, buscando planos divertidos o interesantes. Sin duda el nuevo DVD nos sorprenderá! Estaremos atentos.
De momento han anunciado la inminente comercialización de un nuevo CD, Classics Live 2
March 2013  - Message from Roger: I was deeply touched by the outpouring of messages that I received for my birthday, especially the wonderful video that was shown on my Facebook page. I feel like the luckiest man alive; having such wonderful fans and friends around the world.  My band and I are excited for the beginning of our 2013 tour and I look forward to seeing and playing for many of you in the coming months!
Much love,
Mensaje de Roger: Me ha conmovido profundamente la efusión de vuestros mensajes que recibí por mi cumpleaños, en especial el maravilloso video que se muestra en mi página de Facebook. Me siento como el hombre vivo más afortunado, teniendo esos maravillosos fans y amigos por todo el mundo. Mi banda y yo estamos emocionados con el inicio de nuestra gira 2013 y espero impaciente el momento de veros y tocar para muchos de vosotros en los próximos meses!
Con mucho amor,
January 2013  - Roger Hodgson music sounding in most of homes in Spain the first minute of the year, due to the Coca Cola ad, aired in most of main TV channels as first commercial of the year !. Song "Give a little bit", recorded in a recent Roger's tour, live, with band. See the video You can also vote  for the video.
- La Musica de Roger Hodgson da la bienvenida al 2013 en España, gracias a ser el primer anuncio del año en las principales cadenas de TV, con el tema Give a little bit" , version reciente en directo de Roger. Ver el video  También podéis incluso votar por dicho video.
November 2012 - Hurricane Sandy,  some gigs (November dates in New Jersey) has been rescheduled. Read more  
 - debido al huracán Sandy algunos conciertos de la zona de New Jersey han sido recolocados.Ver fechas
August 2012 - Supertramp Paris Live 79 DVD and Blu-Ray: Roger's comments 
- Comentarios de Roger sobre el lanzamiento de dicho DVD
July 2012 - Supertramp Paris Live 79 DVD and Blu-Ray will be available in Amazon on August 27. More info soon.
- Finalmente se lanza el tan esperado por los fans, Supertramp Paris Live 79, en DVD y Blu-Ray. De momento ya lo anuncia Amazon para el 27 Agosto. Mas info en breve
June 2012  - Coca Cola Security Cameras around the World using Roger's recording of 'Give a Little Bit'. See the video
- Campaña de Coca Cola montada con camaras de seguridad de todo el mundo usando la cancion de Roger Give a Little bit. Ver el video
May 2012 - Roger Hodgson in concert: in TV and Livestream worlwide, Read more
- Concierto de Roger Hodgson en TV y también en Livestream en internet. Mas info 
February 2012 - Classics Live by Roger Hodgson on the iTunes store, Read more
- el álbum Classics Live de Roger Hodgson disponible también en iTunes. Mas info 
February 2012 - Great of Great Britain 2012 , Roger Hodgson has been nominated, Read more
- Roger ha sido nominado para ser uno de los "grandes" del Reino Unido 2012. Mas info
January 2012 - Tour 2012 , South America tour announced, with band, Read more
- Ya hay fechas para la gira en Sudamerica, con banda. Ver fechas
November 2011 - Tour 2011 ends in Canada , see a Review
 - Terminó la gira 2011 en Canada, ver una Crónica
October 2011 - Tour 2012 , first dates announced, Read more
- La gira 2012 ya está preparándose. Primeras fechas USA anunciadas. Ver fechas
 September 2011 - "Classics Live".  Now available in the physical format from the Roger's store, (and his shows) not just the download from the home page.
- El recopilatorio está ya disponible en CD en la tienda de Roger y en sus conciertos, aparte del formato descarga de la web
May 2011 - ROGER Hodgson become grandfather. His daugther Heidi Hodgson gave birth to little Miss Sofia
- Roger Hodgson ha sido abuelo. Heidi ha dado a luz a la pequeña Sofía.
May 2011 - ROGER Returns for his FIRST EVER BAND SHOW in Spain. More
- Roger regresa a España este verano con un show con BANDA por primera vez ! Mas
April 2011 - Classic Rock Magazine’s Special Collector’s Edition honors Roger Hodgson for being among the 100 Greatest Songwriters. ARTICLE
- Roger Hodgson considerado entre los 100 mejores artistas. ARTICULO
April 2011 - Roger doesn't believe in a Supertramp reunion. Read this recent  INTERVIEW . And another recent  INTERVIEW
- Roger no confía en una pronta reunión con Supertramp. Leer esta reciente  ENTREVISTA
March 2011 - Song request for Barcelona show. Read Roger's message  below.
- Vuestras peticiones para el concierto de Barcelona. Ver el mensaje de Roger abajo.
March 2011 - Tour 2011 started in California ! See our friend's REVIEW
- La gira 2011 ya ha comenzado en California. Os adjuntamos crónica.

January 2011 - Roger Hodgson uses state-of-the-art equipment on stage. See the Digital-mixing-console , similar model than U2 for 360º Tour, Aerosmith, Massive Attack, Madonna, Kylie and others

 January 2011 - New section full of  interesting things about Roger: Did you know ?
 Nueva sección repleta de curiosidades acerca de Roger: ¿ Sabías qué ?
December 2010 - Tour 2011 info updated - New shows added, and full pre-sale and ticketing info, just for fans. Tour 2011
November 2010 - Tribute to John Lennon - See this nice VIDEO
- Roger recordando a John Lennon, ver el enlace del video.
November 2010 - Roger gigs in Disneyworld Nov 4 and 5 !! and we were there ! Please read our REVIEW
 - Roger actuó dos días en DisneyWorld Orlando y estuvimos allí ! Ver nuestra Crónica y Fotos

October 2010 - Roger's first US Band show for 2011 has just been announced. Show date: February 25 and 26, 2011
Place: Pechanga Casino, Temecula, California, USA.  Tour 2011

September 2010 - New Breakfast in America DELUXE EDITION, Double CD, to be released on October 4, 2010.

September 2010 - New Double CD - "Classics Live".  Spectacular compilation

August 2010 - Roger Hodgson in Rolling Stone. The spanish version of this famous magazine includes in the August issue an interview with Roger Hodgson. Roger mention the hard work behind our website Breakfastinspain. Thank you Roger ! It's a pleasure sharing this nice passion with all fans around the world. We'll keep working on it.
Roger Hodgson en la revista "Rolling Stone". La versión española de ésta prestigiosa revista incluye en Agosto una entrevista con Roger Hodgson, donde menciona el duro trabajo que hay detrás de nuestra web Breakfastinspain. Muchas Gracias Roger!!! Es un gran placer compartir ésta pasión con fans de todo el mundo. Seguiremos en la brecha.

June 2010 - Letter from Roger to fans. Read More below
Also, this VIDEO from TV interview in France24 (english)
Roger is mixing LIVE CD in Florida.

May 2010 - New Tour REVIEWS and INTERVIEWS and NEWSLETTER added. / Nuevas secciones añadidas.
Also, this VIDEO from TV interview in New Zealand

March 2010 - Tour 2010 started officially in California and Arizona and we were there ! Please read our REVIEW
- La gira 2010 comenzó oficialmente en California y Arizona y estuvimos allí ! Os lo contamos !

March 2010 - Roger confirms he will not be touring with Supertramp in 2010 ! Read More below

March 2010 - Roger celebrates his 60th Birthday! Read More below

March 2010 - Roger letter to fans in Chile. Read More below

Oct.2009 - No Supertramp reunion in 2010. Read More below.

July 2009 - Roger in spanish TV: two minutes report in TV3 about Roger's concert in Barcelona.
VIDEO Reportaje de 2 minutos en TV3 (canal 3/24) sobre el concierto de Roger en Barcelona.

June 2009 - Roger's mum passed away. Read More below and read Roger's message.

Feb.2009 - Tour 2009 started officially in Southamerica with BAND and we were there ! Please read our REVIEWS
- La gira 2009 comenzó oficialmente en Sudamerica en Febrero y estuvimos allí ! Os lo contamos !

Oct.2008 - Roger in TV: Norway, Germany and France Oct. and Nov. Read More below.
VIDEO: Roger in Taratata October 8

Sep.2008 - Possible Supertramp reunion. Roger said in a recent interview. Read More below.

Sep.2008 - Roger with band in Brazil and Paris shows. Read More below.

Aug.2008 - Breakfast in America on vinyl. For Universal press release. Read More below.

July 24, 2008 - Roger in spanish TV: two minutes report in TV3 about "Festival Portaferrada" in St Feliu Guixols.
VIDEO Reportaje de 2 minutos en TV3 (canal 3/24) sobre el concierto de Roger en Sant Feliu de Guixols.

July 8, 2008 - Letter from Roger to fans, Read More below.

May 2008 - Tour 2008 started officially in Norway, and going on according the plan, succesfully.
We were there ! Please read our REVIEW
- La gira 2008 comenzó oficialmente en Noruega en Mayo, continúa según el plan con gran éxito.
Estuvimos allí y os lo contamos !

Apr.2008 - Roger Hodgson to be honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers at 25th Annual Pop Music Awards. Read More below.


READ MORE ( Extended info): 


April 2008


New York, NY—Singer/Songwriter and co-founder of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, will be honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers April 9 at the 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Hodgson is ultimately responsible for the hip hop smash “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast In America” performed by the Gym Class Heroes. That classic hook line “Take a look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got” has been stuck in people’s heads since 1979 when Supertramp’s Breakfast In America had a stranglehold on the Billboard #1 Album slot and sold a staggering 18 million copies.

The legendary songwriter would never have dreamt that a song he wrote in his teens when he was barely old enough to vote would span a different genre and become a smash hit again three decades later, a feat seldom replicated.

This is not the first time he has received this award. His classic anthem “Give A Little Bit” was one of the most performed songs in the ASCAP repertoire in 2005 when it was covered by the Goo Goo Dolls, helping to return them to the limelight. Hodgson is also responsible for such rock classics as “The Logical Song,” “Take The Long Way Home,” “Dreamer” and “Fool’s Overture.”

Other artists covering Roger Hodgson’s timeless hits include Scooter who took “The Logical Song” to #3 on the Brit charts. The reigning American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has been performing “Take The Long Way Home” on his current tour. And singer/songwriter James Blunt has been exciting audiences with his cover of “Breakfast In America” on his latest tour.

Roger’s latest DVD, Take The Long Way Home: Live In Montreal (Eagle Rock Entertainment) has him singing 17 of his most beloved songs. Bonus features include rare orchestra and interview footage and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his concert.

# # #

June 2008

Plans for a possible new Live CD for 2009

- Plans for a possible new Live CD for 2009 including some songs from the last tours 2006-2008
Note (MAC) October 2009: Postponed to 2010, maybe a DVD.

- Se planea un nuevo CD en directo para comienzos de 2009 con canciones de las últimas giras 2006 a 2008
Nota (MAC) Octubre 2009: Pospuesto para 2010. Quizás en DVD.


July 2008

We have a very special announcement!
Roger is auditioning professional musicians
to join him at times on the road.

Roger sometimes plays with a band, sometimes solo, and sometimes with an orchestra. If you really love the music Roger composed and wrote for Supertramp and after Supertramp, and you have an affinity for his music, please send an MP3 or video, and send your resume, training and experience, and what you feel your strengths are to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a rare opportunity. For now Roger will only be choosing two musicians ­ a drummer and bass player.
There may be more in the future.

It is also a great learning opportunity as Roger has a gift of being able to mentor and teach certain musicians that have been working with him - to help bring out more of their musical abilities. ( Isn't that right Aaron? You didn't know you could play so many instruments before!)


July 2008

"This is rock" magazine

En el numero de Julio de esta revista hay un artículo de 6 páginas sobre Supertramp.



July 8, 2008

Letter from Roger to fans

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I am touring again and am really looking forward to playing for you. It has only been the last few years, since my kids are grown, that I have been back out on the road. I'm pacing myself and touring in a very sane way, doing just 45 or so shows a year, so I can keep my life in balance. It's amazing to me how much I still love performing the songs I wrote and composed so many years ago - songs that you have come to love through Supertramp and now through so many cover bands.

As most of you know I left Los Angeles because I became disillusioned with the music business. Although some people thought I left Supertramp to pursue a solo career, one of my main reasons was to get away from the music scene and live a simpler, back-to-the-land lifestyle in nature. I created a studio at home so I could keep making music as I stayed home to raise my kids and lead a quality life. I have no regrets about my choice, and am happy that I was able to be a family man for all those years.

Although I let go of doing music as a career long ago, music has always been part of my life. I love performing while not being caught up in the music business. I am grateful for my talents as a performer, a musician, a composer, and a songwriter. And when I play now, it's because I love it and it's how I make my living.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you who are in the different cities I will be visiting this year. I try each year to go to different countries. This year, I have a few shows in the US, Canada, UK, Norway, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Italy, Brazil and Russia. And I will be touring more extensively in Spain and Germany - doing a combination of festivals and theatre shows. My German tour includes very special venues such as the Lorelie Freilichtbuehne (Night of the Prog Festival July 20) and the Berlin Zitadelle (July 22).

In Spain I have 7 shows left including performing in Pollensa and at the Cordoba Guitar Festival, as well as shows in Alicante, Vigo, San Feliu, Atarfe, and Gijon. In my homeland of England, I enjoyed my reunion at my Alma Mater, Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, which was the inspiration for many of my songs, and will perform at the magical Orwell Estate in Ipswich this coming Friday. This fall I am doing a few orchestra concerts in Canada. So there is something for everyone.

I want to thank Kathy Jones, my webmaster, and all the fan websites who have been my lifeline to all my fans. I invite you to keep checking my tour page as new shows are being announced each week. Thank you for your support. I am touched each time I read the many messages that you have written me on my guestbook. I and my management team always love hearing from you.

Much love,



August 1, 2008

The Vinyl Countdown… “Back in Black”

Universal Music Group International celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the vinyl album with the re-release of classic albums on vinyl!

Whisper it – vinyl, celebrating its 60th birthday this very year, is sexy again. Although analysts and naysayers have predicted its demise for the last half-century, the good old vinyl album simply refuses to roll over and die as hi-fi purists, DJs, young hipsters and simply those with a keen sense of history continue to argue its corner as the most emotionally-charged and sonically-rich means of hearing your favourite tracks.

As methods of music carriage grow ever tinier and conceptual, the romance of the album grows more compelling with the passage of time; the rituals and reminiscences attached. The artwork, the inner sleeve, the sheer size of the package, all take on potency as time passes. The limitations of the format meant that every masterwork had to come in around the 40 minute mark, and because there was no self-programming, the only running order you knew was the one that was painstakingly concocted in the studio. That’s why it’s impossible to hear Visions from Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions without waiting to hear Living For The City about to start, or getting ready for Blue Condition to end on Disraeli Gears by Cream so you could hear Tales Of Brave Ulysses. If you wanted to skip a track, you had to get up off your backside to move the needle on. And that, of course, was all part of the love affair. And now, according to Billboard, there is a growing generation who are eschewing CD altogether and plumping instead for a vinyl version and a download instead.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the long-playing record, Universal Music Group is delighted to announce the release of 80 titles (in four batches) on much-loved 30cm black vinyl across 2008. All will be exact replicas of the original packages. Classics of the past sixty years will be available again from the lilting, mercurial folk of Cat Steven’s Teaser and the Firecat to the sweet surf-tinged introspection of Jack Johnson’s catalogue.

Roger Hodgson, former vocalist and songwriter of Supertramp, comments on his album Breakfast in America being released on vinyl:
“Little did I know that the songs I wrote for Breakfast in America would stand the test of time so well and be celebrated with a new vinyl release in 2008. Some say “Breakfast in America” never sounded better than on vinyl. I’m happy that lovers of record albums and great art will have the chance to buy our classic album on vinyl again.”

But this is not merely some history exercise for dewy-eyed oldies. Each album contains a voucher enabling the purchaser to download MP3 versions of the songs within. The releases will begin in April. It’s time to embrace the past as we march into the future.


September 2008

Roger Hodgson with band

Bryan Head (drummer) and Jesse Siebenberg (bass) joined Roger and Aaron for the shows in Brazil and Paris (Fete de L´humanite).

Un batería y un bajista han acompañado a Roger y Aaron en los conciertos de Brasil y Paris.


September 2008

Supertramp reunion

Roger told about a posible Supertramp reunion, in a recent interview for "Le Parisien", after show in Paris. Roger said that Rick Davies changed his mind lately and there is maybe a chance for the reunion in the future, perhaps in 2010 (40th anniversary Supertramp), but nothing writed in stone.

Also, a recent interview for "The Standard" in Canada, December 2008:

Question: Any time a band that huge parts ways, fans wait for the inevitable reunion. Have you and Rick Davies ever given it serious thought?

Hodgson: "In 2005 I asked Rick if he wanted to do a joint venture, a reunion tour, but he and his wife Sue, who is also his manager, were not interested at that time. So I moved on and I've been very happy touring the world and playing my songs. The fans love hearing the original voice, and since I wrote most of the hits we recorded with Supertramp, the fans hear the songs they want to hear.
That said, maybe something could happen with Rick and I in 2010. I never say never."

Roger said the same in other interviews too. At the moment (mid 2009) there are just good wishes. So, don't pay attention to rumours... this idea is vanishing lately.
This wouldn't be easy. We have to wait for next steps. We will inform here in case of news about that. Stay tuned !

(En español)

Roger comentó en una reciente entrevista en "Le Parisien" que las últimas conversaciones con Rick Davies han dado un giro y parece que ahora éste se siente más atraido por la idea de una reunión de la banda, aunque dificilmente antes de 2010, donde se cumplirá el 40 aniversario.
Otras declaraciones más recientes en una entrevista para el diario Canadiense "The Standard" , Diciembre 2008:

Pregunta: Cada vez que una banda se separa, los fans ansían una inevitable reunión. ¿ Habéis pensado seriamente sobre eso Rick Davies y tu?

Hodgson: "En 2005 pregunté a Rick si lo deseaba, una gira de reunificación, pero el y su mujer Sue, que también es su manager, no estaban interesados por aquel tiempo. Así que me puse en marcha y he sido muy feliz de gira por el mundo tocando mis canciones. A los fans les encanta escuchar la voz original, y como yo compuse la mayoría de los éxitos que grabamos con Supertramp, los fans escuchan las canciones que desean escuchar.
Dicho esto, algo podría ocurrir quizas entre Rick y yo en 2010. Nunca digo nunca jamás."

Roger ha manifestado cosas similares en otras entrevistas. De momento (mediados 2009) es solo un deseo, buenas intenciones, pero nada más !. No hacer caso de rumores, pues esta idea suena cada vez más lejana.
No sería fácil ni rápido. Habrá que esperar acontecimientos.
En cuanto haya nuevas noticias al respecto informaremos aquí puntualmente, Permanecer alerta !!



October 1, 2008

Roger in TV

Norwegian Broadcasting October 3
Roger Hodgson will appear on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK1) October 3 at 00:05 with a rerun tomorrow at NRK1 16:30

Roger on RTL´s Ultimate Chart Show
Roger will be appearing October 4th at 20:15 PM CET and October 5th at 13:15 PM CET in Germany on the Ultimate Chart Show on RTL. He will be speaking about writing his beautiful songs and performing "It's Raining Again" in front of a live studio audience. Dont miss it if you are in Germany!

Taratata Performances
Roger will be performing on Frances top TV music show, Taratata. This show is directed by France´s most renowned director, Gerard Pullicino, (who by the way is the director who did such a fantastic job filming Rogers DVD).
The first show will feature a beautifully touching duet with up-and-coming Canadian music artist Daniel Powter. Roger and Daniel will be singing the Beatles song, "Two of Us," from the album Let it Be. This performance will be aired on France 4 on October 12th and on France 2 on October 26th. Be sure to tune in to this wonderful performance!

Roger´s will return to Taratata SOLO on November 5th 21pm singing excerpts from all his biggest classic hits (The Logical Song, Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit, School, and It´s Raining Again). This show was taped live in front of a studio audience and, I have to tell you, Roger gave the audience and host Nagui (who is a BIG fan) a once in a lifetime concert and fulfilled all their requests! After his performance Roger also talked candidly with Nagui and shares a few surprises that are on the horizon for the future.

France Inter
Tune in as Roger takes a road trip on Sur la Route with Laurent Lavige & Alexis Goyer, recorded by France Inter. This interview gives important information about Roger¹s career and the Supertramp Story. It will be broadcast in 4 parts during the week of September 22 - 25 at 21:00 pm. Tune in online at and click on the red speaker ("en direct") to listen.


October 2008

"This is rock" magazine

en el numero de Octubre hay un artículo de 4 páginas sobre Roger Hodgson.



November 2008

Roger Hodgson, Christmas Gift

A special gift from Roger Hodgson ... for the first time ever the Roger Hodgson Store is pleased to offer personalized greetings from Roger, but only for a limited time!

Great idea for a Christmas gift, special event, or even nice treat for yourself ...
Order any Roger Hodgson or Supertramp CD, DVD, or photo from the store before November 24th and Roger will not only sign it, he will personalize it for you with a dedication like, "Merry Christmas Ron" or "Happy Holidays Karen".

Place your order on line and you will receive an order confirmation email.
Simply respond to the email with whom you would like it made out to.
Remember if you order more than one item to indicate which item goes with which name. To verify that we have your request we will confirm by email within 24 hours.

All orders will be shipped out on December 1st. Please ensure that you have selected a suitable shipping method that will allow your package to arrive in time for Christmas. We do not recommend that standard mail or uninsured options be selected for these orders.


December 2008

Roger's DVD on public TV


Roger Hodgson: Take The Long Way Home Live In Montreal

Upcoming Airtimes
Wed, Dec 3
9:30 pm

Sun, Dec 7
10:30 pm

Sun, Dec 14
11:30 pm


December 2008

Roger with band in Caracas 2009

Roger Hodgson will play together with 4 members in Caracas.

CARACAS, miércoles 10 de diciembre, 2008

"Roger Hodgson vendrá acompañado de cinco músicos" Roger Hodgson, voz y ex miembro del grupo de rock sinfónico Supertramp, asegura que el concierto que ofrecerá en Caracas el próximo 17 de febrero en el anfiteatro del Sambil será completamente diferente a los que ha dado en el pasado. "Ni siquiera será igual a los de este año. Será muy especial", anuncia el cantautor británico.

"Resulta que en el resto del mundo he hecho recitales como solista, casi nunca acompañado por otros instrumentistas. Ahora, en cambio, juntaré a una banda muy buena y seremos cinco en total", agrega.

No lo acompañarán, adelanta el músico, sus compañeros de Supertramp, con quienes compartió desde 1969 hasta 1983, sino "artistas que he reclutado recientemente".

Sobre el repertorio que incluirá en su espectáculo caraqueño, Hodgson adelanta que incluirá tanto sus éxitos como solista como aquellos que compuso junto a su ex banda. "Tiendo a cambiar el set todas las noches, dependiendo del público y de mi ánimo. A veces dejo de cantar alguna pieza o recuerdo otra que llevaba tiempo sin tocar.

En el caso de Venezuela, creo que incluiré algun tema inédito, como The awakening. Es un riesgo, pero quiero que la gente también me conozca con mi propio nombre".

El Universal, article


January 2009

Roger's concert on German television

Roger's concert at the Leverkusener Jazztage on WDR Fernsehen

Roger's and Ola Onabule's concert at the Leverkusener Jazztage on November 04, 2008 will be broadcasted on WDR Fernsehen on February 23, 2008 from 01.05 to 03.05 (MEZ)

Here is a link with information: WDR Rockpalast


February 2009

Roger Hodgson with band, kick off Tour 2009

Bryan Head (drummer) and Jesse Siebenberg (bass) and Michael Bluestein (keyboards) joined Roger and Aaron for the shows in Quito, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires and Viña del Mar in February.
We went there ! Please read our reviews.
The gig in Viña del Mar was aired on TV, and there is serious chance for an official Tour's DVD

Un batería, un bajista y un teclista han acompañado a Roger y Aaron en los conciertos de Quito, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires y Viña del Mar en Febrero. Estuvimos allí y te lo contamos !
El show de Viña del Mar fué emitido por TV y hay grandes posibilidades que se incluya en un DVD oficial de la gira


March 2009

Roger's Canadian TV and Radio appearances

Roger will be on French Canadian TV on Sunday March 29. The show is called "Star Académie" (it kind of is Quebec's version of American Idol) and will be broadcast on the TVA network between 07:30 and 09:00pm EDT (Montreal time).

Those of you living outside of Canada can watch the show live by going to and clicking on the *Diffusion web simultanée* button.
The menu at the top also includes a *vidéos* item so I suppose that allows you to see bits of past shows and if that's the case then I'm pretty sure Roger's appearance on the show will also end up there.

And as if that weren't enough...

Roger will also be a guest on CHOM (an English Montreal radio station) on Monday March 30th. He will be a guest of Pete Marier's Rock Ride Home (03:00 to 07:00pm EDT) which can be listened to live by going to and clicking on the *Listen Now* button.

Thanks to Sylvain in Canada !


April 2009

Roger in RTL Radio France, April 1

After Radio show in Paris RTL2 last March 25 (will be aired soon), Roger will be again in RTL George Lang show, April 1 from 11pm -1 am.
They have a weblink where you can listen to the show on the day of the show.

This is the show, however Roger is not listed yet:


June 2009

Roger's mum passed away

Roger's message:
As many of you already know, my Mother passed away last week. I wanted to thank you all for your sincere condolences and prayers for Jill.

Her heart had been failing for some time and she was no longer able to enjoy life. I had been going to visit her as much as possible between my concerts this year and am so grateful that she waited for me to come and be with her one last time in the hospital before transitioning peacefully in her sleep.

Yesterday we had an intimate family cremation and I spoke my gratitude to her for how she had supported my musical dreams and I sang for her. She had been able to come to see me perform at The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Stadium and last year at Stowe school where many of my songs and dreams were born.

I am grateful that her suffering was not long and drawn out and that her soul is now free and resting in peace.

Roger Hodgson, June 23


September 10, 2009

Roger's management statement

Hi Everyone,

We’re finally getting a couple weeks break from this extensive 70 city tour and as we're approaching the last leg of Roger's touring for 2009 we thought we would take a moment to express how amazing it has been to look out upon Roger's audience each night and see fans of every generation, of so many different cultures, all being brought together and unified by his music. It never ceases to touch our hearts to witness so many people reliving their memories with the music, and couples and families singing together creating new ones. And it has been wonderful meeting so many of you.

So many fans have written to us how much they enjoy reading Roger’s guestbook and all the beautiful letters that are sent to him ( Roger really enjoys them also! :)).
For those of you who haven’t written, please don’t be shy, post a message. And for those of you that have written but haven’t spent time reading the guestbook, may we suggest you take some time with a nice cup of tea, sit back, listen to Roger’s music and enjoy some of the beautiful writings.

Roger has often said that the most meaningful thing for him as an artist is to hear how his songs have helped someone through a difficult period in their life or helped bring joy and happiness, inspiration and hope or have just created that feel good quality in their heart and soul. This is why it’s so special to read about people’s experiences in the guestbook.

We hope to see some of you at his final upcoming concerts:-

Sept 23 Gottingen, Germany Sept 26 & 27 Brussels, Belgium
Sept 29 Biberach, Germany
Sept 30 Vienna, Austria
Oct 4 Valladolid, Spain - with Orchestra
Nov 6 & 7 Rama, Ontario, Canada -with Orchestra & Choir

Also wanted to let you know that Roger’s DVD – Take the Long Way Home – will be broadcast on 3 SAT in Germany, Austria, & Switzerland at 2:35 am on September 12th. ( That's very late on Friday night or very early on Saturday morning. )

Linda & Shakti

P.S. And for those of you who haven’t sent in a review of Roger’s concert or DVD, we would love to receive one from you.



September 26, 2009

Christmas Gift for Roger's fans

From Roger Hodgson Store:
Give the Gift of Music for a Special Someone in your life.

This is a rare opportunity to get a favorite CD, DVD, LP, photo, or greeting card personally dedicated to yourself, for your own private collection, or as a gift for that special Roger Hodgson fan in your life!

We have received so many requests for personalized autographed items, and are pleased to make a special limited offer to Roger’s fans. Simply place an order with Roger's Store before November 1st and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to get your items personalized. All items will be shipped on November 10th to ensure holiday delivery. So start your Christmas shopping today!

Roger Hodgson Store


October 3, 2009

No Supertramp reunion in 2010

-- English traslation -- thanks to Alvaro

Hodgson has got dozen of new songs and he doesn´t expect a Supertramp reunion.

Valladolid, Oct 3 (EFE agency).
The veteran British composer, Roger Hodgson, has written almost sixty new songs that he hasn´t put on a new record since he is quite concentrated on his concerts, and he doesn´t expect a soon Supertramp reunion.

Roger Hodgson has given a press conference this evening in Valladolid, just before the concert he will play tomorrow at the Miguel Delibes Hall, in the city of Valladolid, along with the Castilla and Leon Symphonic Orchestra, corresponding to the first edition of the Philarmagical sessions. Roger Hodgson, who was born in Portsmouth in 1950, plans to play his all-time hits tomorrow, after forty years since Supertramp emerged.
He sold more than sixty million records with Supertramp, the successful group he co-founded with Rick Davies. He has confirmed he will play in Valladolid some of the hits that have become milestones in the rock history, such as “Dreamer”, “Logical Song”, “Give a little bit” or “Breakfast in America”, and also he has included “Fool´s overture” in a compatible way with the Orchestra.

Although he has written about sixty new songs, he has admitted he doesn´t have the time to put them on a new record, since he has been on tour for a long time and still has some demands to keep on playing for at least “one more year”. Roger Hodgson confessed that has tried to convince Rick Davies to make a Supertramp reunion “since ages”, as “Supertramp was the two of us”, the essence of the group that was split up in 1983. “Unluckily”, try as he might, all his attempts “fail again and again”, and Hodgson doesn´t expect to be on a soon Supertramp tour.

Despite the fact that he twisted his two wrists in 1987 due to an accident at home, this living legend of modern music managed to overcome all his problems and returned to music in a solo career.

The Philarmagical sessions include, from 1 to 6 October, concerts ……

Note (MAC): Actually, Roger is announcing his fisrt shows for tour 2010 (solo tour) Roger is well aware that fans would love to see Supertramp reunite. Rick and Sue stopped communicating mid way through the negotiation - meanwhile Roger's management put 2010 touring year on hold and turned down many offers and are now scrambling to get their dated in place and shows on sale

(en español)

Por Agencia EFE –
Hodgson tiene escritas decenas de canciones y no espera una vuelta de Supertramp

Valladolid, 3 oct (EFE).- El veterano músico británico Roger Hodgson tiene escritas cerca de sesenta canciones, que no ha podido plasmar en nuevos discos porque está centrado en sus conciertos, y no espera que próximamente se vuelva a reunir el grupo Supertramp.

Roger Hodgson ha ofrecido esta tarde en Valladolid una rueda de prensa con motivo del concierto que ofrecerá mañana en el Auditorio Miguel Delibes de la capital vallisoletana, junto con la Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, dentro de la primera edición del ciclo Philarmagical. El músico nacido en Portsmouth en 1950 tiene previsto ofrecer mañana sus éxitos "de toda la vida", cuarenta años después de que naciera Supertramp, el grupo con el que junto a Rick Davies triunfó desde 1969, con más de sesenta millones de discos vendidos y canciones que han pasado a la historia del rock.

"Dreamer", "Logical song", "Give a little bit" o "Breakfast in America" son algunos de estos éxitos que recordará en Valladolid, según sus palabras, incluido también un tema especialmente compatible con una orquesta, "Fool's overture".

Aunque tiene compuestas alrededor de sesenta nuevas canciones, ha reconocido que no tiene tiempo de ponerse a plasmarlas en nuevos discos, ya que está continuamente de gira y tiene peticiones para seguir dando conciertos durante al menos "otro año más".

Roger Hodgson ha confesado que ha intentado "desde hace años" convencer a Rick Davies, porque "Supertramp éramos los dos", la esencia del grupo, para reunir de nuevo a la legendaria banda, que se separó en 1983.

"Desafortunadamente", todos sus intentos "no conducen a nada" y Hodgson no espera una gira de Supertramp con él en un futuro cercano.

Pese a que en 1987 se rompió las dos muñecas en un accidente doméstico, esta leyenda viva de la música contemporánea se sobrepuso y volvió a la música, aunque en solitario.

El ciclo Philarmagical incluye, del 1 al 6 de octubre, conciertos de la Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León con Los Secretos, Noa, Gloria Gaynor, Dionne Warwick, Roger Hodson y The Supremes & The Temptations.

Nota (MAC): De hecho, Roger ya está anunciando sus primeros conciertos de la gira 2010 (continuando la situación actual) Roger ha estado intentando la reunión con Rick los últimos años, pero se confirma que las negociaciones con Rick no han dado fruto, y a pesar de que Roger estuvo congelando los conciertos del 2010 hasta el último momento a la espera de llegar a un acuerdo, finalmente está de nuevo contratando ya los conciertos de su próxima gira.


March 3, 2010

Roger letter to fans in Chile

To all my friends and fans in Chile,

I’m sending you my heart and best wishes that you and your loved ones are hopefully safe from the earthquake. I remember fondly my visit last year to Chile and performing at Vina del Mar. I felt so welcomed by all my Chilean fans. You touched my heart with your warm appreciation of my music. I’ll remember it always. Please know that I’m holding you in my prayers and praying for a quick recovery for you and your country.

I have asked my Managers to offer the use of my song, Give a Little Bit, to the American Red Cross to help inspire donations to your country for your rebuilding. They are looking into where they can use it in their campaign.

If any Spanish fans would like to use my song Give a Little Bit and make a video for YouTube showing pictures of the earthquake and saying what the needs are and help inspire people to contribute – I give you my permission. My only request is that the donations go to the American Red Cross because that is a charity that I know is trustworthy and will make sure the donations get to the people in need and do the most good.

So, to all of you in Chile, “I give a little bit of my love to you…”

Warmly yours,

Roger Hodgson


March 10, 2010


On the 21st of March Roger celebrates his 60th Birthday. Many fans have been writing in asking what they can do to honor Roger and how they can send Roger a personal message of congratulation. Here are some ways we came up with.....

Call and email your local classic rock radio station and ask them to play your favorite Roger Hodgson songs in honor of his birthday. Whether it's Logical Song, Dreamer, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, School… or any one of the classic hits he wrote and then recorded with Supertramp, you could suggest that the DJ tells the listeners they are hearing Roger Hodgson- the voice and composer of Supertramp's biggest hits. And let them know that Roger has not been with Supertramp since 1983 - that he is currently touring his own shows worldwide, singing all his classic songs. So let's see what we can do to get all the DJ's talking about Roger Hodgson and paying tribute to his great musical legacy in his birthday month!

Another way to honor Roger as an artist is to spread the word about his live concerts. I have seen many people posting comments on YouTube below some of Roger’s songs. You could share your experiences of Roger’s concert and also let people know that he is touring solo, with band, and with orchestra this year. You can name specific shows that you are going to or suggest that fans check his tour page. And do let people know that Roger is the one who wrote these great songs, and he sings them in all his concerts. This is a good way to help inform fans what Roger is up to - as are Facebook and Twitter.

To leave a personal message at any time for Roger, go to his GUESTBOOK or any of the Roger Hodgson fan websites. There are several special birthday message books also - Kathy has set one up on her Garden Gate Site. And this year Ana from the "Roger Hodgson Spanish Fan Club " is also collecting messages, greetings, photos, and texts to put all together, post and send to Roger. She requests that you send your greeting to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before March 15th.


Birthday Message from Roger to friends and fans

Dear Friends and Fans,

What an incredible journey life has been for me. I’m very happy to be embarking on my 2010 world tour next week and have been very touched by all the wonderful messages I have received in celebration of my 60th Birthday. Can you believe I have been playing music and composing songs for almost 50 years? Little did I know what lay ahead when I picked up that first guitar at age 12.....

I want to thank you for all your love and support through the years and for appreciating my songwriting - I am grateful to have been able to express my deepest heart through my songs and to have been able to touch so many other hearts around the world.

I hope you'll be able to come to one of my concerts this year and let me 'give a little bit' of my love to you.

Best wishes to you all,


Shakti and Linda birthday message:
Happy Birthday Roger,

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you to know this is the best job either of us has ever had - a dream job really. It is truly an honor to work for you. You are a real gentleman, a generous and kind hearted human being, and an all around great boss! The longer we have been with you and witnessed your big heart and sincere care, the more our respect and appreciation for you has grown. You are not only a musical genius, you are truly a blessing to everyone whose lives you have touched through your music and through your dedicated service to God and humanity.

With love and blessings,
Shakti and Linda


March 16, 2010


From Roger's management:

Roger is touring on his own this year. He kicks off his world tour next week in the US and will be performing everywhere from Australia/New Zealand to South America, Europe and Canada. He will not be touring with Supertramp, and he does not want fans to be confused about this (as many were in 2002!).

Roger already has his own shows booked in the fall and throughout the year. He will be playing in Madrid July 29, Barcelona August 2, as well as a possible concert in the south of Spain.

So, the truth- Supertramp will not have Roger Hodgson. Please stay tuned for more news about Roger Hodgson shows in the coming weeks.

April 2010

We have received emails from some of you saying you are a little confused if Roger is going to be touring with Supertramp this year or not. I can tell you that Roger has not been with Supertramp for 27 years now. His 2010 tour has been planned for half a year now and we have many shows already in contract and on sale. So it is impossible at this point for him to join Supertramp on their tour.

So please let your friends and family know that Roger will be doing solo shows, band shows, and orchestra shows. He will not be touring with Supertramp - we do not want fans to be confused about this (as many were in 2002!)

Latest News & Answers to Your Burning Questions –April 20

Roger Hodgson Embarks on 2010 World Tour & Why he will not be touring with Supertramp this year.

Dear Friends & Fans,

Roger’s 2010 World Tour is off to a great start! We just came back from Roger’s first tour of Australia and New Zealand since 1976 and he’s been getting warm welcomes and rave reviews everywhere he’s played. To read some of the love and appreciation Roger’s been receiving from people down under, go to our Guestbook. (within

We are currently in Florida where Roger just completed a charity concert raising funds for abused children, and then up to Canada for 2 shows at Fallsview Resort in Niagara Falls. From there we go to Babelsberg, Germany for an orchestra show, and then we head to Central & South America for a band tour of 4 countries.

Roger invites you to join him on his 2010 World Tour, which will take him to the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Central & South America. To find the specific cities and countries go to Roger's Tour Page.

And as we continue to tour over the next few weeks, we want to keep all of Roger’s fans current with all the latest news. As many of you have heard, Supertramp will be going out on tour in Europe in the fall, and in answer to all the questions that have been pouring in, Roger will not be joining them in 2010. When we first heard from a promoter a week or two before they announced their dates in France that Supertramp would be doing a fall tour, Roger was as surprised as the rest of us. At that time in mid February, Roger wrote to Rick and Sue asking if it was true that they were planning on touring, but he never received a reply and still hasn't to this day. So, obviously, Roger wasn’t invited for this tour, nor was Dougie Thompson from the classic line up. John, Bob and Jesse Siebenberg have been invited, but even they were taken by surprise and were asked just shortly before they announced the tour in France, so nobody even knew, including Roger, that this tour was happening until the last 2 months, and even the promoters have said they just started putting it together in February.

So, unfortunately for many fans that have really wanted to see Roger with Supertramp again, Rick and Sue Davies chose to put this tour together very quickly, at the last minute knowing that Roger already had his 2010 tour dates in place. And as anyone who watches Roger’s website knows, his world tour for 2010 had been planned for many months before Rick ever announced their dates in France.

We’ve been told that they are billing the tour as the 40th Anniversary tour of the band and we just find this very surprising, misleading and disrespectful of Roger since he is the only other member that was a part of Supertramp when he and Rick founded the band together 40 years ago. (Dougie joined the band in 1972 and John and Bob a year later in 1973 and have not actually been with Supertramp for 40 years). It would seem that you would want to invite the other co-founder and the bass player of the classic line up for the 40th anniversary of the band. So, we’re really hoping it doesn’t create any confusion in the market place or mislead anyone into thinking that a 40th anniversary tour means a reunion tour with Roger Hodgson and Dougie Thompson. And with not inviting them, it seems it would have been more straightforward to simply call it a Supertramp tour.

A lot of you have been writing and asking – why doesn’t Roger rejoin Supertramp for the tour or at least for a few shows? We had that same idea. Roger thought he could join Supertramp for a few special concerts when he doesn’t have any scheduled shows, as a way to really give to the fans what they have been wanting for so long – to have him rejoin Supertramp. So, we suggested this to Rick and Sue Davies’ agent, but he told us adamantly that would “never happen,” that Rick and Sue didn’t want that and would refuse any such collaboration. He also said that Supertramp would have nothing to gain from Roger performing with them and that the only person that would benefit would be Roger. Of course, we disagree. We think both Supertramp and Roger would benefit, and of course who we would want to benefit the most would be the fans. In fact, the main reason Roger would want to do it is because he knows how much the fans would love to see him and Supertramp back together again. He wishes that Rick and Sue for the fans' sake would be cooperative for even a few special concerts.

But the silver lining in all of this is, for those who are familiar with the different sounds of Supertramp, Rick and Roger are two very different artists – two songwriters with two very distinctive styles of music – and this year you’ll have the opportunity to see both! If you want to hear the legendary voice and classical pop rock of songs like The Logical Song, Dreamer or Give a Little Bit you can come see Roger at one of his shows. And if you want the legendary voice and more jazzy blues sound of Rick’s songs like Bloody Well Right, Goodbye Stranger or Rudy you can have that, too.

And as this is the first time in a long time that Supertramp is touring at the same time as Roger, we are really hoping that Rick honors the agreement he made with Roger when he left 27 years ago for the band not to play Roger’s songs as this has created a lot of confusion for the public in past years. That was what Rick and Roger both knew would help create a clear delineation between Supertramp and Roger Hodgson when they agreed to part ways. The agreement was for Supertramp to become a vehicle for Rick’s music and that Roger would go forward with his future secured by his songs and his voice. Roger wouldn’t have given up the name if he thought Rick was going to continue playing his songs, because otherwise he was leaving the band with nothing. We feel it is only morally and ethically right that Rick abide by the promise that he made to Roger. And besides that, Rick has so many great songs to fill more than a whole concert.

And of course, at Roger’s shows, you can hear his songs being sung from the original composer’s heart and soul and that is what helps create the atmosphere of magic and brings these songs alive.

So, Roger hopes to see you all at his shows. He has a variety of shows in his 2010 world tour – the magical duo shows worldwide, full band shows, stunning orchestra concerts and even a few special appearances.

We hope this clears up a few things for all of Roger’s fans. Please pass on the news on any Blogs, Forums, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Visit Roger Hodgson’s website and you will find links for places to join up with Roger Hodgson and Supertramp fan communities across the globe. Hope to see you out there on the road!

All the best,
Harmonic Management


May 10,
Harmonic Management and Roger Hodgson statement

The Latest from Buenos Aires.

Hi there. We just got off a 19 hour plane ride from Berlin where we just did an orchestra show and then flew to Argentina. And as we got here, we saw Supertramp’s statement on our google alerts which was very surprising. We just wanted to post a quick response to all the fans to say this isn’t true and there are a lot of holes in this statement. It doesn’t address anything about how they are using Roger’s songs and his voice to promote their tour or about Rick not honoring his agreement with Roger not to play his songs.

Yes, it is true that we did meet with Rick & Sue once. We had a cup of coffee in Canada in the summer in the middle of our 2008 tour. And then it was almost a year before we even spoke to them again. So to say there were negotiations happening during that time is simply not true.

Yet, what is more important is that Roger did write to Rick in February asking him if it was true that the anniversary tour was happening and he never got a reply. And we did offer to join Rick for a few special reunion concerts when our tour schedule allowed, and their agent told us they refused. We know how much fans have been wanting Roger to join Supertramp on this 40th Anniversary tour, so our main reason for offering was for the fans’ sake. We really think you deserve it. We want to honor all the appreciation that the fans have given Roger and Supertramp over the years for their music. Roger wouldn’t be here doing these concerts and playing the music that he loves if it wasn’t for you.

So, that is our quick response for now. We’re going to sleep for a few hours before band rehearsals. As we recover from jet lag we’ll give a longer statement.

Love to you all,
Harmonic Management & Roger


June 4, 2010

Roger letter to fans

Dear Friends & Fans,

I just want to send a note to you all thanking you for all the support I’ve felt from you – in emails, guestbook postings, appreciation at the shows…it’s really because of you that I’m able to do what I love to do – share my music with the world. Your connection to what I’ve expressed through my music touches me deeply and that it has brought people together in so many different ways inspires me to keep performing and writing and exploring the depths of what music can do.

A challenge for all of us in these crazy times is hanging on to our integrity as we go through the rollercoaster of life and as an artist I have always strived to be authentic and original. My songs come from a deep and very personal place inside me and they carry my beliefs and my dreams and my philosophy of life. Many of you may not know this but the other members of Supertramp never held the same spiritual or philosophical beliefs that I have and that are in my songs. What I wrote about didn’t represent the rest of the band or their beliefs. So for Rick to claim credit for songs he didn’t write or believe in, is an integrity issue. And it’s hard for me to keep thinking of them as Supertramp songs when the band didn’t compose them or write the music for them. Which is why the advertising of the Supertramp tour with my voice and my songs has been very difficult for me. For the fans’ sake, I am happy that my old friend and partner Rick is going on tour again but I am not in agreement with how he is choosing to market his Supertramp tour by capitalizing on my art to sell tickets, and especially now since both of us are touring at the same time.

So many of you have told me over the last few years how previous Supertramp tours used my voice and my songs to sell tickets and how the public thought I was going to be present at the concerts and they ended up feeling tricked or disappointed. So I cannot in all conscience stay silent. I need to speak up for artistic and marketing integrity.

Unfortunately, some statements I have made already have been misquoted or sensationalized or taken out of context. All those sensationalized headlines came from what we posted on my website. I hope everyone knows this is something that happens in the media. For me, it’s not about banning or vetoing what Supertramp is doing - it’s about integrity, ethics and speaking up for what I believe is right.

Those of you that know me know that I am a peaceful man, and I feel even though one is peaceful, sometimes one needs to speak up when it is the right thing to do. I have offered to join Rick and Supertramp for a few special reunion shows when I don’t have any of my own shows booked. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you view it, they chose to go out to tour at the same time I already had my 2010 tour booked. Yet there are windows of time that I would be able to join them.

I know how many of you would like to see this and that is why I have offered. Personally, it is not something I want or need to do – I am very happy touring the way I am now. Yet I feel in my heart it’s the right thing to do. So, I’ll keep holding out an olive branch to Rick in case he should change his mind.

I so appreciate all of you that have been asking to help, supporting me on the tour, sending in ads, articles, and radio spots, getting the word out on Facebook, taking part in fan forums and communicating over the internet, participating in our international community. Your belief and support touches me deeply. I hope I can play for you again sometime in the near future. God bless.

Roger Hodgson



We’re sending Roger’s letter out simultaneously with our latest article, in response to the many questions we have received. Many of you have written and asked to participate in the tour with us, so we are responding here with some specific ways that would be very helpful. One of the things that made South American tour so successful was through all fans participating in blogging, posting, sending out tweets, and sending us timely reports on what was being seen in the press and media. In this way fans can keep the excitement building for the rest of the tour, and you are not only supporting Roger, but helping the public and other fans to be informed also. We are so thankful for everyone who continues to help us in this way.

So, please continue sending us updates on how the Supertramp tour is being advertised around the world - email us what you see and hear with radio, articles, billboards, and ticket sites, and record it or take a picture if you can! The radio spots and TV ads we have received have been very helpful and enable us to correct misinformation. Also, please post, blog, tweet and comment on Facebook, MySpace and You Tube to clarify any misinformation where needed or share your experiences where needed. Also it’s always wonderful to post your experiences of Roger’s concerts and what his music means to you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the days ahead, in person and online, as we continue Roger’s 2010 World Tour.

Love to all,
Linda & Shakti

September 5, 2010

New Double CD - "Classics Live" 

Finally, the live CD planned during last two years is ready !!!
Finalmente el CD en directo que ha estado en preparación durante los dos últimos años está listo !!!

Brand new versions of Roger's classic hits will available for digital download before the double CD is released. An incredible collection of songs recorded solo, with band and with orchestra !!! MORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Nuevas versiones de los éxitos cásicos de Roger, disponibles ya para descargar antes del lanzamiento del doble CD. Una increíble colección de canciones grabadas durante conciertos en solitario, con banda y con orquesta !!! VER MAS / DESCARGAS

September 6, 2010

New Double CD - "Breakfast in America DELUXE EDITION" 

The long awaited DELUXE EDITION of the classic "Breakfast In America" will be released on October 4, 2010 (followed in early 2011 by the Deluxe Edition of "Crime Of The Century").
This brand new re-issue will consist of a newly remastered edition 2010 of the album on CD 1 & live versions from the Breakfast In America Tour 1979 including all the deleted tracks from "Paris" ("Goodbye Stranger", "Give A Little Bit", "Even In The Quietest Moments") on CD 2 !!!!

La largamente esperada edición DELUXE del clásico "Breakfast in America" será publicada el 4 de Octubre 2010 (seguida a principios de 2011 de la edición DELUXE de "Crine of the Century")
Este lanzamiento consistirá en una nueva edición remasterizada en 2010 del album en el CD1 y de versiones en directo de la gira Breakfast in America de 1979, incluyendo todas las canciones descartadas del album "Paris" ("Goodbye Stranger", "Give A Little Bit", "Even In The Quietest Moments") en el CD 2 !!!!

September 11, 2010

Roger Hodgson in German TV" 

Wonderful news!  Fans of the German television show, Fernsehgarten, will be delighted to learn that Roger has been invited to be the guest of honor on the September 19 Grand Finale of the 2010 Season.  This very special program will air live from 11:00 AM - 13:00 PM and will feature Roger performing several of his classic hits before a live audience.  Be sure to watch the broadcast of this spectacular event which will air in Germany on ZDF and is also available via satellite in parts of Europe.    It will be a fun event for the whole family.

January, 2011

Roger Hodgson in Dutch TV" 

friday January 21, 17:35 h, Nederland 2 (show: The Hague Jazz, summer 2010)

March 29, 2011


Message from Roger Hodgson - March 31st show in Palau de la Musica - Barcelona, Tuesday 29 March 2011    


I am very much looking forward to coming and doing a concert for all my Spanish fans. I can already feel how special and magical this concert on Thursday will be. Palau de la Musica Catalana, in Barcelona, is a magnificent legendary venue with great acoustics.  I know many of you wanted me to do more than one show in Spain this year, but we will make this one very special and magic for all the Spanish fans. Also, I’d love to  offer to do a few special requests, so please send your requests in to my FACEBOOK.

See you all soon.
Roger Hodgson



Estoy realmente impaciente de llegar y ofreceros un concierto a todos mis fans españoles. Ya puedo sentir cuan mágico y especial va a ser el concierto del jueves. El Palau de la Musica Catalana, en Barcelona, es un impresionante y legendario escenario con una gran acústica.  Se que muchos de vosotros deseábais que hiciera más de un show en España este año, pero haremos que este sea muy especial y mágico para todos los fans españoles. Además, me gustaría satisfacer algunas de vuestras peticiones, por eso por favor enviar vuestras solicitudes a mi Facebook.

Nos vemos pronto !
Roger Hodgson

Newsflash 4

We encourage you to register as a user (soon available...) to have full access to all the website. Of course, it's free.

Newsflash 5 - BIS launching 15th Anniversary Web Edition

Breakfast In Spain website is launching its 15th revision, which will be online around September 2010.

Some months later, around late 2011 we will celebrate our 15th Anniversary being online.

Newsflash 1

Roger Hodgson 2010 Tour. Update: February 2010. He will be touring from Australia / New Zealand to the US, and then jumping to Brazil and returning again to Europe with long tours in France and Germany.

Newsflash 3

October 2009 Interview about a possible Supertramp reunion: Roger Hodgson confessed that has tried to convince Rick Davies to make a Supertramp reunion “since ages”, as “Supertramp was the two of us”, the essence of the group that was split up in 1983. “Unluckily”, try as he might, all his attempts “fail again and again”, and Hodgson doesn´t expect to be on a soon Supertramp tour.

Newsflash 2

ROGER HODGSON is already in Facebook and Twitter. You can reach him at: or


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