ROGER HODGSON, Announcement, New Blu-Ray


Announcement! Roger's "Take the Long Way Home, Live in Montreal DVD" will be released in Blu-ray format with additional bonus footage! 

We'd like the bonus DVD to include everyone's favorite videos from concerts, interview, special moments, etc. We've seen a lot of unofficial fan favorite videos out there, so we are collecting the very best- the ones you love the most, to include in the bonus.

Let us know which interviews, as well as which songs, you would like to see on the new "Take the Long Way Home" DVD/Blu-ray

We need to compile everything this week, so please send us your videos both by email and by mail, if possible, in the next few days. You could also upload them on YouTube with a private link so that only we can view them.

Ideally the footage should be recorded in High Def, though if you have something wonderful that is not HD, you can send that too. For anything you send, please tell us if you have the original recording, if it was filmed in HD, and what format it is in.

You can mail physical DVD's, tapes, etc to the address below in Belgium.

Soundproductions B.V.B.A.
Att: Linda Tyler - Blu-ray
Marsestraat 14
3950 Kaulille ( Bocholt) Belgium

+31(0)6 290 54 830


Or, if you are in the US you can mail physical copies to:


Harmonic Management
Att: Linda, Blu-ray
2036 Nevada City Hwy #208
Grass Valley, CA 95945

+1 530 906 1206


So many of you have been asking for Roger's DVD to be released as a Blu-ray, and we are really excited to give this to you with additional bonus footage! Please pass this email on to all your friends who may want to send in their videos to be considered for this special Blu-ray release.

Shakti and Linda
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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