ROGER HODGSON in concert: in TV and Livestream

Your all may want to know about the TV show that will be broadcast next weekend on TV and also via a Livestream on the Internet.

Roger Hodgson In Concert - Livestream on DW TV Worldwide!

The channel is called DW (Deutsche Welle TV) and they will be airing Roger's concert from Basel, Switzerland in 2008. (The station in the US is in Kansas, so it's probably better to focus on the Livestream as that reaches everyone.

The program is called "Europe in Concert". This is the link to the program's homepage in English which lists the broadcast times in UTC:,,15950316,00.html

The program will be available via their homepage in other countries as well. In order to watch the program via the livestream on their homepage, this is the link:

For reception in other parts of the world:,,6809,00.html

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Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust book launch

ken-scott-main1 AbbeyRoadZiggycover


Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust 
Off the Record with the Beatles, Bowie, Supertramp, and so much more
by Ken Scott and Bobby Owsinski, $24.99, hardcover.  Streets June 6
Libro de memorias del ingeniero de sonido y productor Ken Scott, con interesantes historias sobre Supertramp y otros

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The Legends Tour 2012



John Helliwell, Bob and Jesse Siebenberg, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, Jon Anderson,  John Wetton, Martin Barre, will be part of "The Legends Tour", an epic musical act directed by Alan Simon, a french composer known by similar works like "Gaia" and "Excalibur: The Legende des Cèltes".
This is not the first time that the musicians play with Simon. They also were in the "Gaia" project, in 2003, and Art on Ice, in 2004, and Excalibur in 2010.
They will play in France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany between June and October. More info soon !
Some venues are confirmed in the Fnac website an others. (Tickets available)

Direction artistique Alan Simon.

With/Con :

- John Helliwel / Jesse and Bob Siebenberg from SUPERTRAMP
- Jon Anderson from YES
- John Wetton from KING CRIMSON
- Jeremy Spencer from FLEETWOOD MAC
- Martin Barre from JETHRO TULL




John Helliwell, Bob y Jesse Siebenberg, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, Jon Anderson,  John Wetton, Martin Barre, formarán parte del show "The Legends Tour", un espectáculo musical épico conducido por Alan Simon, un compositor francés conocido por mega-proyectos similares como "Gaia" y "Excalibur: La leyenda de los Celtas".

Esta no es la primera vez que éstos musicos colaboran con Alan Simon. La mayoría ya han estado en proyectos como "Gaia", en 2003, Art on Ice, en 2004, y Excalibur en 2010.

Los shows tendrán lugar en importantes espacios de Francia, Suiza, Italia y Alemania entre Junio y Octubre. Os daremos más info en breve.

De momento ya se  pueden encontrar tickets de alguno de los shows en la web del Fnac y otras.



Classics Live on ITunes

Roger's songs are   classics_live_roger   now available on Itunes!

Preview songs from Classics Live by Roger Hodgson on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Classics Live for $9.90. Songs start at just $0.99. Please visit the site and click to rate and leave a review for our favourite and loved artist.

El Album en directo "Classics Live" de Roger Hodgson también disponible en iTunes !
Visita el enlace y deja un comentario y puntuación si deseas apoyar a nuestro querido artista favorito.

ROGER HODGSON, Great of Great Britain


The Great Exhibition 2012 has honored Roger with a one-of-a-kind poster! Only a select few of the nominees for UK's "Greats" have received personalized posters. Again, votes are required to "move" the nominees up the list. If you have not already voted, you can login on the site through your Facebook profile. Thanks to all of you who have already voted! Let's continue to spread the word!

ROGER HODGSON, Announcement, New Blu-Ray

Announcement! Roger's "Take the Long Way Home, Live in Montreal DVD" will be released in Blu-ray format with additional bonus footage! 

We'd like the bonus DVD to include everyone's favorite videos from concerts, interview, special moments, etc. We've seen a lot of unofficial fan favorite videos out there, so we are collecting the very best- the ones you love the most, to include in the bonus.

Let us know which interviews, as well as which songs, you would like to see on the new "Take the Long Way Home" DVD/Blu-ray

We need to compile everything this week, so please send us your videos both by email and by mail, if possible, in the next few days. You could also upload them on YouTube with a private link so that only we can view them.

Ideally the footage should be recorded in High Def, though if you have something wonderful that is not HD, you can send that too. For anything you send, please tell us if you have the original recording, if it was filmed in HD, and what format it is in.

You can mail physical DVD's, tapes, etc to the address below in Belgium.

Soundproductions B.V.B.A.
Att: Linda Tyler - Blu-ray
Marsestraat 14
3950 Kaulille ( Bocholt) Belgium

+31(0)6 290 54 830


Or, if you are in the US you can mail physical copies to:


Harmonic Management
Att: Linda, Blu-ray
2036 Nevada City Hwy #208
Grass Valley, CA 95945

+1 530 906 1206


So many of you have been asking for Roger's DVD to be released as a Blu-ray, and we are really excited to give this to you with additional bonus footage! Please pass this email on to all your friends who may want to send in their videos to be considered for this special Blu-ray release.

Shakti and Linda
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roger Hodgson with BAND in Spain !



Two shows: Tarragona and Cap Roig (Girona)

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Roger Hodgson in Epcot, Disneyworld November 4 and 5

Roger Hodgson concerts in Disneyworld, November 4 and 5


Roger actuó dos dias en el Epcot, Disneyworld

See our REVIEW / Ver nuestra CRONICA

Roger Hodgson announces 2011 show in Barcelona

Roger Hodgson will perform March 31st, 2011 in the PALAU DE LA MUSICA in Barcelona during the Millenium Festival. Roger Hodgson actuará en el Palau de la Musica el 31 Marzo 2011


Click HERE for more PALAU DE LA MUSICA info



The former leader of Supertramp and Kool & the Gang perform at the Millennium Festival of Barcelona

Actualitzat a les 15:30 h 09/09/2010 Updated at 15:30 09/09/2010

Barcelona (ACN).- Kool & the Gang inaugurarà la propera edició del Festival Mil·lenni de Barcelona, amb una actuació el 12 de desembre a L'Auditori de Barcelona. Barcelona (ACN) .- Kool & the Gang will open the next Millennium Festival of Barcelona, with an action on December 12 at the Barcelona Auditorium. Roger Hodgson, que va ser líder i veu de Supertramp, també serà al festival, amb un concert el 31 de març al Palau de la Música. Roger Hodgson, who was leader and voice of Supertramp, will also be at the festival with a concert on March 31 at the Palau de la Musica. Ho farà en solitari ja que no acompanya el conegut grup en la seva gira europea, que té previst actuar a la ciutat el 18 de setembre. Alone because it will not accompany the group known in his European tour, which plans to operate in the city on September 18. El festival continua apostant per una programació eclèctica en els principals escenaris de la ciutat durant la tardor i l'hivern. The festival remains committed to eclectic programming at major venues in the city during the autumn and winter. La programació completa del festival es coneixerà al novembre. The complete festival schedule will be known in November.

Roger Hodgson in Fernsehgarten TV show

Wonderful news! 
Fans of the German television show, Fernsehgarten, will be delighted to learn that Roger has been invited to be the guest of honor on the September 19 Grand Finale of the 2010 Season. 
This very special program will air live from 11:00 AM - 13:00 PM and will feature Roger performing several of his classic hits before a live audience. 

Check SEPTEMBER ROGER HODGSON newsletter (click here) for more info

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