2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Glasgow 5th Oct.

2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Glasgow 5th Oct.


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Ellen, Switzerkand:
My husband and were at this concert in Glasgow and I got chills right down my neck all the way down to my legs.
Roger is a talent like I never knew, I didn't realized so many songs came from one man. It was great to see him perform some of the songs he recorded with Supertramp and may I say his recordings since Supertramp are just as good. I picked up his new DVD and have already watched it 3 times! Roger is such a talented, talented musician/artist/song writer, it's great to see a true talent performing as good today as ever. I just saw his tour schedule on rogerhodgson.com and will be going to the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday as well. Thanks for the memories.

Monique Van Luijk:
Having travelled to so many Roger Hodgson concerts all over the world thru the years, it was an absolute delight that he made it to the North of England for a few concerts (Manchester and Glasgow). Roger reckoned the last time he played in Manchester was 30 years ago.

Spot on 8pm Roger came on stage for his performance and what a performance it was! He played all the songs that everybody knows so well, The Logical Song, Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, Breakfast in America, Hide in your Shell and many many more which made the band Supertramp so famous. He also played a few songs from his solo albums and new DVD (Along Came Mary and Oh Brother (Keep The Pigeons Warm).

It is so amazing that Roger can play all the Supertramp songs by himself using just 1 instrument and whichever song he plays, it still sounds like a complete band is supporting him, a truly unbelievable gifted musician and I don‘t think many others musicians could do what Roger can do on his own!!Well done Roger, you are the greatest!

Roger did occasionally have Aaron Macdonald on stage (another very gifted musician) and told the story that when he performed in Canada, he discovered Aaron playing the saxophone for one of the songs and “kidnapped” him and Aaron has been with Roger ever since. Aaron supported some of the songs playing flute and saxophone and the crowd just went wild. At the end of the concert it was Aaron on keyboards and with Roger on the 12-string guitar and together they played “School” and the crowd went even wilder. What a performance!

If you feel sad that you’ve missed his performance, don’t be, as he has recently released his DVD (Take The Long Way Home) with all the great Supertramp songs on it which can be ordered thru his website www.rogerhodgson.com

Thank you Roger, Aaron, Linda, Shakti and all those others behind the scenes for giving us such a fantastic evening. We hope you will be back in the North for more concerts soon!

Graeme Clark wrote:
just to say i am really excited about the prospect of seeing you in Glasgow tomorrow night. I never tire of the lyrics and i even try to be you on the piano, having almost mastered the "logical song". i can play one other song "imagine" but really i am just a "dreamer" but hey one dream will come true tomorrow night. SCOTLAND WELCOMES YOU!

Phil Steven wrote:
Hi Roger Me & my big mate Stu are in the front row In Glasgow tonight & are hoping to meet you before or after to get a couple of our album sleeves signed. Can’t wait for the show and a wee name check before "Breakfast In America" for Phil & Stu" would complete what i'm sure will be a brilliant night. I've waited 28 YEARS for this. See you tonight Best wishes Phil Steven

David and Louis wrote:
Hi Roger -- Just ready to leave home to travel to Glasgow -- really looking forward to it tonight. Especially big one tonight -- my wife couldn’t make it due to work, so my 6 year old son will be going with me (his first concert). He’s all excited already, probably more than me LOL. See you there (were in row c at the end if you want to say hi). Best Wishes David and Louis [FACE=joyful] [FACE=joyful] [FACE=joyful] [FACE=joyful]

Robert wrote:
Hi Roger Last saw you on the Famous last words tour down in Earls court 25 years ago. So now you have made it back to Glasgow and produced probably the best concert I have been to. Totally outstanding than you for a superb night. Never thought I'd hear Rosie live - fantastic. Please come back again soon.

Marty Carden wrote:
Roger, I emailed you a few years back asking you to do a gig in Glasgow I don't know if you ever got the request, anyway I saw you tonight in Glasgow at the concert hall and you were superb. What a wonderful talent you really are and thanks for coming to Glasgow. I hope you return at some point in the future, All the best Marty

Hugh & Allison wrote:
Hi Roger, We were at your Glasgow concert tonight (5th Oct 2007) we were in the front row in right in front of your keyboards. We loved your show so much. It was fantastic to hear you sing again in front of an audience. We hear your songs a lot, on the radio and at home, but that cannot beat listening to them being sung live on stage. There were a few parts of the show that made me very emotional as I too have lost someone, 5 years ago this month. I have a lovely girlfriend now whom I love very much, because she does so much for me. This was one of the best concerts we have been to in a long time. It's great that someone can make such music with only a guitar or keyboards and make it sound so good, having us forget that there is only you onstage at times and no band. Keep up the good work and don't be so long again in coming to Scotland. [FACE=thanks]

Hey Roger !Just back from seeing your superb performance in Glasgow! Despite being aware of all your talents and after reading other positive feedback, I was sceptical, to be honest, as to whether your show would work without a full band! I thought you may need a drummer, for example, such as myself! How wrong I was to doubt! Your line-up worked wonders -right from the opener all the way to the end. You even played my favourites, such as "Lovers in the Wind", "Hide in your Shell" & "Lord, is it Mine". Perhaps the only song that missed a drummer was "Don't Leave me Now"! You know, some of the other ex-Supertramp members pooh-poohd you and what you gave to the band. However, although you have to hand it to the others for helping to make Supertramp happen, without you, Supertramp would surely have been just a normal, everyday band - perhaps a bit like Chas n Dave! You confirmed tonight that Supertramp was something very special, just like your solo material, and it's only because of you!

George & Clara wrote:
All I can say is thank you for a great evening of entertainment and yes you still got it. Was the best ever, your voice was on true form tonight and who needs a band anyway. We love you for your contribution to the ST music and your solo career, it is all great. It was great to catch up with some old pals from chat, but what really made my night was to actually meet you in person, thank you very much for that and you are so kind to spend time with your fans. Thank you to Linda also for her management and the effort and time she put s into it. Hope to see you again soon, all our love from Scott

Sylvia Duerden wrote:
Hi Roger I was at the Glasgow concert last night. It was a fantastic concert. I last saw you with Supertramp in 1977 and I hope it`s not another 30 years before you are here again! In this time my musical tastes have changed slightly.(choral singing in Soviet era Russia anyone) but I have remained a dedicated fan since 1973. It was great to hear "Rosie" sung live. Sylvia

Jackie Westby wrote:
Roger, In Jan 1975 my first date with my husband Ian was Supertramp at Sheffield City Hall, that started off what was to be a very happy marriage. Sadly he died in Dec 98. On Friday 5th October, I went to Glasgow to see you with our daughter who is due to give birth to our first grandchild any day now....I felt as if we had come full circle and Ian was definitely 'with us' during the concert. Heartfelt thanks to you for being the soundtrack to our lives - already starting on the 3rd generation!. your concert was superb, evocative of so many precious memories. Jackie xx


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