2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Casino Rama 9-10 Nov.

2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Casino Rama 9-10 Nov.


ROGER HODGSON, Casino Rama (Ontario) 9th and 10th November

I just wanted to share a few highlights with you from Roger's two Casino Rama shows this weekend.

Most of it has been amply described from past concerts, so I won't repeat every detail. But the shows were a full two hours long (no intermission) both nights.

There were two surprises. He played an orchestral version of It's Raining Again, which really came off well;
Aaron's performance would have done John proud, and the addition of the three background singers gave the song a very polished sound. And though this song came about midway through the show the first night, this was the closer of the (first) encore on the second night, and that was definitely its best position -- it's amazing how fun that song was.

The other surprise was Christmas -- he finally let the song out of the bag! I know he has performed it a very few times in the past, but that's always been after a special request; this time he'd planned it.
Well, sort of. It didn't involve the orchestra, though he did have others join him -- on Friday he had the choir join him (just for the recurring "Christmas" lines) and on Saturday the bass player and drummer played during the middle while Aaron took a solo. Anyway it was well received and the audience was singing along.

His voice gave him a few (mild) problems during the first show, so he changed the order of some songs, though he recovered well and the last few songs were all in fine form. Saturday was great all the way through.
Here are the songs he played (not in order):

Hide in your Shell
If Everyone Was Listening (Friday only)
Easy Does It/Sister Moonshine
A Soapbox Opera
Two of Us
Give a Little Bit
Babaji (Saturday only)
Fool's Overture
The Logical Song
Breakfast in America
Take the Long Way Home
Lord Is it Mine
It's Raining Again
Along Came Mary
Keep the Pigeons Warm (Saturday only)

He introduced Soapbox on the second night by saying that, just as he'd been confused by school growing up, he'd been confused by all the mixed messages he'd gotten from religion, and expressed sadness that it had caused so many problems in the world. (I don't think he meant that religion was bad, merely that he'd seen lots of negative things associated with it as a child.)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all about the shows.



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