2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Frankfurt, fans feedback

2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Frankfurt, fans feedback



Juergen: Had seen Roger last night in Frankfurt Germany (Alte Oper) for the very first time even though I grew up with Supertramp. Hell what an amazing evening, what an amazing musician and musicianship. I enjoyed every second of the 2 hours and just want say THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart...you and your music brought back all the memories of a great time. And you are such a nice and kind person, had seen you recently on Morgenmagazin on German TV and knew I need tickets and the DVD!All the best, stay healthy, cu soon [FACE=joyful] Love&Peace. Juergen

Message: What a magnificent final of the tour! Thanks Roger, thanks Aaron for giving us the opportunity to attend another wonderful and magical show! I had two mates with me who didn't know anything about your music and your career - after the show both of them were totally enthusiastic! As we were, too! What a show...

Gosha: Dear Roger, I came specially from Berlin to see you in Frankfurt. together with friends , that came from Nuremberg.what Ican i Say? Amazing! The atmosphere, your energy the special songs that i keep hearing for ever, everything was perfect. you are really very talented and your music speaks to peoples soul and touches their hearts. this fact alone speaks for it self. i wish you all the best and hope for a new studio album in the (near)future . one more: Thank you very much for a great show at a very special Venue. [FACE=joyful]

Juergen: Dear Roger,my girlfriend and I saw you last night at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt. It was our first opportunity to see you live on stage.In early October I bought your live DVD, but your gig last night was worlds apart form it.Seeing you on stage one believes: you are the music and the music is you. Really impressive. Please return as soon as possible, your songs are part of so many people's life and I think the long way home hasn't finished yet. Even if it is a bit early now, I wish you and the people you love a merry Christmas and all the best for the upcoming new year. Juergen

Message: Yesterday we were at the Concert in the Opera House. It was such a wonderful evening and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the great music. Andrea and Jürgen

Corinne: Hi Roger,Thank you so much for that amazing night in Frankfurt. It was awesome as usual. Hope seeing you soon back in Switzerland. Thank you for that special moment we shared together.Love, Corinne

Knut&Sabine: Hi Roger,my wife and I just would like to thank you very much for the breathtaking evening yesterday night at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. It was just amazing!! Like a warm and lovely shower. Really unbelievable!!! Sayalso thanks to Aaron, who really did a fantastic job! Hope to see you soon again in Germany!

Tanja: Hi, Roger!You are simply great. God protects you, your family and your art.Thanks for the Music in Frankfurt.Tanja

H.K. Kirchner: Vielen Dank fÃ?r das wurderbare Konzert am 17.11.2007 in der "Alten Oper" in Frankfurt. Es war superklasse!!!!! [FACE=joyful]

Helmut Malue: Thank you for a unique evening. Hope to see you again in Germany. If you are going to meet Heilbronn, just call. Helmut

Hans: Hi Roger,thank you very much for the great evening in frankfurt "Alte Oper" I can't write my emotions in english, but I belive you know what I meen...I hope you come back to germany, here are a lot of your real fans.The best wishes for you and god bless you.Warm greatings to you and also to AaronHans

Simon Rohrer: Hi RogerI was last saturday in frankfurt. It was a long trip from switzerland for listenig you the first time live!I want to thank you specially that you were singing the song "lord is it mine", for me, it is the greatest song, you ever composed! Aaron and you, you are the new soul of "supertramp"! God bless you! Simon

Christian: Hi Roger,last Saturday my girlfriend and me were on your Concert in Frankfurt. Since the 70' th I'll try to see you live on stage, but this was the first time it I had a chance and I take it.Wonderful that you played Rosie. When I hear your music i feelin' so "melanchonical, oh it was beautiful, magical."The only song i missed was Fools Overture.Maybe the next time.Greetings, Christian

Rene: At last my wife and I saw you live on stage. And I have to say it was a magical evening for us....As you said, we laughed, cried en clapped along on all of your songs you performed... Goosebumps appeared on the start of every song...Thanks again for making that night one of the best nights ever..Regards,Rene [FACE=thanks]

Martina&Moritz: Hi there,the concert in Frankfurt was great. Wonderful evening (o.k.,the support-band was not our musically taste....), but Rodger and his musician were really good. We've missed "The Awakening Song" - it's not on a cd andRodger did not play it - does someone knows why???We hope to see him in Germany next time.... [FACE=joyful]

Martin krapohl: Hi Roger,what a fantastic night at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt. The DVD is great,to see you live is bigger than words can say.Now today its monday andis raining again in dÃ?seldorf and in dÃ?sseldorf it is not so funny when its rain But there is this wonderful feeling that you gave us with your concert in Frankfurt. Thank you so much. At home Itook my12String and played a little bit of your songs. I forgot what a great song is "In the quietest moments"? and "Oh brother"? is a new great thing,"keep the pidgeon warm"? is burned in my head. thanks a lot for an wonderful

Heinz: Saw you last Saturday in Frankfurt. What a gorgeous concert!!! There are no words good enough to describe the feelings I had when you played all those wonderful songs - let's say this was just a one in a million event.I hope to hearing from you again very, very soon (maybe a new CD???) and wish you a very happy Christmas! Keep on singing!!!

hpm: Dear Roger,Last saturday I enjoyed you and your still outstanding voice in Frankfurt. I was deeply impressed - maybe the best concert I've ever seen. I know the music of Supertramp since I was a little boy. But at that time it was only in the radio or on tv - something unreal.But now I realized that you and your fantastic music are real!But why didn't you play more from "Eye in the storm"? maybe "In jeopardy"? I'm a little bit disappointed... Hope to see you back in germany soon + maybe you'll give me an answer.See you, hpm

Dirk & Verena: Hi Roger! We hear your wonderful music since we were young. It was a great pleasure to see you live at Frankfurt. We are from munich and we hope to see you again in germany.Thank you so much for the great evening.Bye

Nick Mason: Hello RogerWords cannot express how good your concert was in Frankfurt, it was a special night.Thank you for your musicNick

Rainer Kettner: [FACE=hello] Hi Roger,what an amazing evening in Frankfurt Alte Oper. I saw you 24 years ago at the "famoust last words" tour in Frankfurt and it seemed as nothing has changed. Aaron McDonald is a sensation and he looked really happy to play with you these historical songs and no one missed the rest of Supertramp. This evening gave as not only a little bit - you gave us the greatest concert we ever (!) visited. Thanks for continuing your story and for let us be a part of your feelings and emotions.All the best to you and come back soon to Germany.Take care!!!Rainer and Grit

Barbara: Dear Roger,thank you again for your deeply touching concert in Frankfurt last Saturday and for giving a little bit of your time to me and my son John after the show.All the best for you. Barbara


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