2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Frankfurt, Press reviews

2007 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Frankfurt, Press reviews


PRESS REVIEWS   (All translations to english language by Uwe Nessler)

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 Frankfurt celebrates Roger Hodgson 18.11.2007, 3:00 pm

”There are people who are complaining if they had to play the one or other song again and again. But not in my case.
I love these pieces and I am happy every time again to sing them.“ Roger Hodgson is standing on the stage of the Alte Oper (Old Opera) and is positively beaming over the whole face.
The audience in the almost sold out big hall welcomed him already with standing ovation. ”You are in fine form“ Hodgson noticed ”Me too“, he meant – and one believed him.

Though Hodgson would have every reason to drone his evergreens just halfhearted. 24 years after his exit of the sucessful band Supertramp he did not succeeded a remarkable hit as a solo artist, people are still demanding for ”Breakfast In America“, ”Logical Song“ or the hymn ”Give A Little Bit“.
And they are getting them. Even more: Hodgson goes at his Almost-Solo-Show, mostly assisted by the striking canadian saxophone-player Aaron MacDonald, even back to the second Supertramp-Album ”Indelibly Stamped“, plays the piece ”Rosie“ from a time where the band was far from being a big number. Also new pieces he presents – and no matter what Hodgson is doing the audience is giving the red carpet reception.

For a fan this evening is a pure pleasure. Of course you didn´t get to hear the compositions of his former Supertramp partner Rick Davies, but once again one noticed, that Roger Hodgson with his high organ not only was ”the voice“ but he has absolutely also all the groups big hits on his conscience. Nothing against Davies who revived Supertramp as a Jazz-Pop-Bigband some years ago.
But when Hodgson is intoning/beginning ”Sister Moonshine“ of the LP ”Crisis? What Crisis?“ or ”Hide In Your Shell“ of the legendary ”Crime Of The Century“ then one is whishing back the original line-up longingly.
”School“, ”Dreamer“, ”Take The Long Way Home“, ”Lord Is It Mine“, ”Even In The Quitest Moments“ – this man leaves nothing out.

This concert, organized from the company PASS Events as a child-benefit-charity, started with the opening band Funky Style Coalition which tried themselves together with female singer Bonita (known from Stefan Raabs ”TV Total“) and the Omnia String Orchestra on a little bit conservative Funk-Sound.
At the finale of Hodgsons gig the strings and the Funky Style Coalition came back, at ”It´s raining again“ – extra rehearsed for this appearance in this formation – the hall swayed and sings on their trip down memory lane.

Again a standing ovation, one last time ”Give a little bit“ and a still wide smiling Roger Hodgson says good-bye and leaved under a thunderous applause with the promise to come back soon.
It doesn´t matter how uncool the songs of Supertramp might be regarded by the musical ”flavor-police“ – performed with such a lot of real joy and passion one is realizing again, what importance these pop-classics had for a complete generation. And how beautiful it is that Roger Hodgson is still standing by them.
Andreas Dosch  


 Frankfurt feiert Roger Hodgson 18.11.2007, 15:00 Uhr

”Es gibt ja Leute, die beschweren sich, wenn sie den ein oder anderen Song immer wieder spielen müssen.
Bei mir ist das nicht der Fall. Ich liebe diese Stücke und freue mich jedes Mal wieder, sie singen zu können.“
Roger Hodgson steht auf der Bühne der Alten Oper und strahlt über das ganze Gesicht. Das Publikum im beinahe ausverkauften Großen Saal hat ihn bereits mit einer Standing Ovation empfangen. ”Ihr seid wohl gut drauf“, stellt Hodgson fest. ”Ich auch“, meint er - und man glaubt es ihm.

Dabei hätte Hodgson alle Gründe, seine Evergreens nur noch lustlos runterzuleiern. 24 Jahre nach seinem Ausstieg aus der Erfolgsband Supertramp ist ihm als Solokünstler kein nennenswerter Hit mehr gelungen, die Menschen verlangen noch immer nach ”Breakfast In America“, dem ”Logical Song“ oder der Hymne ”Give A Little Bit“.
Und sie bekommen sie. Mehr noch: Hodgson geht bei seinem Quasi-Solokonzert, meist nur unterstützt von dem bemerkenswerten kanadischen Saxophonisten Aaron McDonald, sogar zurück bis zum zweiten Supertramp-Album ”Indelibly Stamped“, spielt das Stück ”Rosie“ aus einer Zeit, als die Band längst noch keine große Nummer war.
Auch neue Stücke präsentiert er - und egal was Hodgson tut, die Zuschauer tragen ihn auf Händen.

Für einen Fan ist der Abend ein einziger Wohlgenuss.
Natürlich kommen nicht die Kompositionen seines ehemaligen Supertramp-Partners Rick Davies zu Gehör, aber wieder einmal merkt man, dass Roger Hodgson mit seinem hohen Organ nicht nur ”die Stimme“ war, sondern wirklich auch alle großen Hits der Gruppe auf dem Gewissen hat. Nichts gegen Davies, der Supertramp vor einigen Jahren als Jazz-Pop-Bigband wieder auferstehen ließ. Aber wenn Hodgson ”Sister Moonshine“ von der LP ”Crisis? What Crisis?“ anstimmt, oder ”Hide In Your Shell“ vom legendären ”Crime Of The Century“, dann wünscht man sich doch sehnsuchtsvoll die Originalbesetzung zurück. ”School“, ”Dreamer“, ”Take The Long Way Home“, ”Lord Is It Mine“, ”Even In The Quitest Moments“ - nichts lässt der Mann aus.

Das Konzert, von der Firma PASS Events als Kinderhilfs-Benefiz organisiert, begann mit der Vorband Funky Style Coalition, die sich gemeinsam mit Sängerin Bonita (bekannt aus Stefan Raabs ”TV Total“) und dem Omnia String Orchestra an einem etwas konservativen Funk-Sound versuchte.
Zum Finale von Hodgsons Auftritt kommen dann die Strings und die Funky Style Coalition zurück, bei It’s Raining Again“ - extra für diesen Auftritt in dieser Formation eingeübt - schunkelt und singt die Halle in fröhlicher Erinnerung an alte Zeiten. Noch eine Standing Ovation, ein letztes Mal ”Give A Little Bit“, und ein noch immer breit lächelnder Roger Hodgson verabschiedet sich unter tosendem Applaus mit dem Versprechen, bald wieder seine Aufwartung zu machen.
Egal, wie uncool die Songs von Supertramp bei der musikalischen Geschmackspolizei auch sein mögen -mit soviel echter Freude und Leidenschaft vorgetragen merkt man doch wieder, welche Bedeutung diese Pop-Klassiker für eine ganze Generation hatten. Und wie schön es ist, dass Roger Hodgson nach wie vor zu ihnen steht.
Andreas Dosch

Melancholy of a Supertramp 

Concert – With a touch of hope: Roger Hodgson in the Alte Oper

By Stephan Goerisch

Frankfurt. Roger Hodgson, born in 1950 in british Portsmouth, is having a lot of friends – such a lot that on Saturday evening the Alte Oper in Frankfurt was a little bit more than sold out: a few seats were occupied twice.
The Briton has founded 1969 the band Supertramp, he wrote and sang their biggest successes, until he signalized in 1984 with the solo-album “In the eye of the storm” his exit. After a accident caused time-out the self-chosen Canadian (expression for a guy who has emmigrated to Canada – sorry, that´s wrong) released in 2000 with “Open the Door” again new songs, since 2006 he is touring intensivley.

Th fans in Frankfurt needed certainly very much patience until their idol entered the stage: Before the Supertramp-guy there was a one and a half hour long heavy on the basses roughhousing Funk-program with the female singers Bonita and Isabel, accompanied by the eleven-numbered musicproject Funky Style Coalition, finaly expanded by the cuddly string-pack Omnia String Orchestra. A interjectioner from the audience who turned primarily against the extensive unctuous announcements of the funkband-leader was instructed by Bonita that as a child she also wanted everything immediately – but now she is grown-up.

This punchline was a hit, but Hodgsons music has nothing in common with funk, even if at the finale these funk-men were allowed to accompany him. This extensive entourage was surely not needed – his big hits were basically brought by him alone. He changed his accompanying instruments almost constantly, from the beginner “Take the long way home” and “Hide in your shell” at the keyboard accross “Give a little bit” at the twelve-string guitar to “Lovers in the wind” at the grand piano. The sound of his unbelievable high voice was clear, seemed except for a few moments to be hassle-free – he taunted himself about his drive to write extremely high pieces, like “Oh Brother”, which hich heights claimed all his concentration.
Hodgsons songs are mostly melancholic but always with a breath of hope, sometimes life- and world-wisley: “I am reaching a point there´s nothing left for me.”

Hodgson is a excellent musician. To widen the soundspectrum of his arrangements he has found within the Canadian Aaron MacDonald a equal partner. Who sung backing vocals, played the soli on tenor- and soprano-saxophone, on blues-harp and melodica. There he cited sometimes in highest perfection the popular studioversions, then he let the hot saxophonesound run in his free lust to jam.

At the Pas de Deux on two claviatures at “The more I look” (sorry, it was “Child of Vision”) Hodgson countered this with charming lefthanded deep-bass-excursions.

Hodgson also showed up as a excellent entertainer.
Constantly he greeted into the audience. In his announcements be built ceaselessly bridges to sympathy – being glad that there were such a lot of kids in the audience, being glad about the last evening of a long tour. It was clear that "School”, “Dreamer”, “Breakfast in America” and finally marked the high- and finalphases.

Magazin Frankfurtz  

Bands like the Beatles, Bee Gees, Genesis and Rolling Stones are connected/recognised by each normally informed member of the about 50 year old generation with the names of the pertinent musicians.
Yet one asks about the names of the voices of bands like Status Quo, Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, so one finds the answers often only by asking the inveterate fans of these bands. There is not much difference regarding Supertramp.

Although softrock-hits with ear worm-character like "Dreamer", "Breakfast in America" and “It´s raining again” catapulted the in 1969 by the two composers and singers Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson founded band with their typcal use/cue of the Wurlitzer e-piano and the clarinet to the forefront places of the charts, the names of both founders are widley unknown. When Roger Hodgson leaved Supertramp in 1983 to start a solo career, this heralded quasi the end of worldwide popularity.

For wrong as we think, because the radio-suitable, melodic pop-songs and melancholic ballads which Hodgson composed after his split from the band proved impressively how strongly he had formed the style of the band in the years of worldwide fame. Now Roger Hodgson returned with old and new songs for a guest performance to thsold out Alte Oper in Frankfurt. The charity concert proved that the 57-year old still can excite his fans.

At this nearly two-hour show, where at the end almost 30 musicians stood on the stage and underlayed the hits with fat/full string-sounds, one could have done without the seating, because the music carried away the listeners.


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