2010 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Paris Sept. 24

2010 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Paris Sept. 24

All photos by Manu Zucca

Paris Set list 24/09/2010

Take The Long Way Home
Give A Little Bit
Lovers In The Wind
Hide In Your Shell
Easy Does It
Sister Moonshine
C'est Le Bon
Breakfast In America
Along Came Mary
A Soapbox Opera
The Logical Song


Child Of Vision
Only Because Of You - Lord Is It Mine
Say Goodbye
Know Who You Are
Don't Leave Me Now
Fool's Overture

Two Of Us
It's Raingin Again (with a choir of children)


Roger Hodgson and his French Fan Club is a "love story" ! The love between a legendary artist, who strives to provide happiness to his fans, and those who have followed him for years and have shared their love, passion and admiration to him, with their family and friends!

This close relation has become stronger this year when Roger Hodgson offered two precious gifts to his Fan Club and, by extension, to all the French fans !
French fans were invited to co-select the set list of the French tour, and more!, Fans children were invited to sing on stage with Roger !
What an excitement this Friday, 24 of September, in the prestigious “Palais des Congrès" in Paris!!

For this Parisian concert, many of us “took a long way”: they came from throughout France, Spain: represented by the two founders of Spanish Fan Club “Ana and Vidal”, Belgium, Germany and the other countries….
Because the love that surrounds Roger is contagious and is spreading around the globe !, and creates the wonderful “love and friendship» stories ! The message of love in this hostile and crazy world !

Before the concert, starting at 8:30 pm, the members of the French Fan Club received another gift from Roger, the one to attend the sound check !
Arriving silently by the stage, respectfully, while Roger and Aaron are ceremoniously checking their instruments, computers and all sorts of cables, we sit down on the comfortable chairs in the middle of the hall.
Roger plays a medley of his songs on the piano and we try to engrave every tone, every note, in our memory... Roger sings with perfection “Lady”, “I knew it well” and “Babaji”.
We note that Roger's voice hasn’t aged, it’s still crystalline and inspired.
And over the years, it’s made gain on the power ! It is a divine voice and we are in heaven !
The latest short rehearsal with the children, full with stage fright but pride as well, on the famous "It's Raining Again", a short break then and the concert begins !

Roger is welcomed with a great standing ovation and every new song brings the house down ! The interpretation of Roger and Aaron is so perfect ! So magic! Every song sung by Roger becomes a precious jewel ! The audience is enchanted, people are singing with Roger, their faces are smiling. Roger with his sparkling eyes seems so happy!! Amazing ambiance !
Paris loves Roger Hodgson !
Even if the set list is logically classical, we are lucky to listen to some "new" songs that we could choose with Roger: “C’est le bon”, “Know who you are”, “Say Goodbye!” What an emotion !!!

Unfortunately, the good times go too fast and when the first notes of “It's Raining Again” sound, we know that these are the last moments of happiness.
We would like stop the time but we can’t….
The umbrellas are opened and the concert is ending in exultation ! Ending in the great joy shared with the children from French Fan Club, singing with Roger on stage!!
Visibly pleased, Roger looks like their older brother !

Someone in the audience is shouting: “Roger you are the Super Tramp”. And we
want to add :“Roger, You are the Supertramp in Yourself !” Thank you !

Sylvie et Mila
French Fan Club


My incredible trip in Paris.

When we arrives in Paris, we left our car in  carpark and we walked to our hotel near to the concert hall. We left baggages and we walked to the concert hall, but the rain began and Anthony’s jacket was in our car !
We returned to take it and my daughter Léticia and my wife Véronique waited us in front of the hotel Meridien.
We were back, I had a big surprise ;  Roger, Véronique et Léticia talked in the street. In fact Roger left his hotel for the soundchech and he waited Linda
My wife saw him and said  « Hello Roger, Nice to see you ! »
They spoke a little time and . . . .I arrived.
I thought : Maybe it’s a dream ?...
Some minutes later, Linda came and Roger said « « come » with us, and we went to the concert hall with Roger and Linda.
We sat in the empty hall. It’s was a very nice hall.
Little by litte, the others fans became. We were happy to see all of us again.
Souncheck : Babaji, Lady, I know it well… Great ! ! !

And then children on stage… Roger was so patiently, he explained to them :
don’t forget the umbrellas,…
They made several tests.
During the show, Roger was great. He spoke with the audience. Fantastic Roger !!!
His voice was very clear.
People often got up. A lot of stading ovation.
The show was great, with songs : C’est le bon, Know who you are, …..
The last song was it’s raining again. I was very exiting when I saw my children came on the stage. Never I couldn’t imagine that : Anthony et Léticia singing with Roger.

It was a very nice day.

Manu Zucca



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