2008 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Sandnes, May 22

2008 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Sandnes, May 22


Text and photos by Miguel Angel Candela Sandnes_2008_1


The Tour 2008 started "officially" in Norway, after few private shows.

As I've never been there, I decided a short trip, enjoy the show, see Roger and staff, meet some fans and exploring the area, some hikes.

The venue was the "Classic Rock Festival", a huge stage and huge open air area for the audience. The sound was very good, powerful.

Roger performed his classic show with Aaron (saxophone player, harmonica, clarinet, keyboards and back vocals) similar to previous tour.
Roger played his own Korg keyboard, a grand piano, and his own two 12 strings guitars (for different tune)

The weather was sunny, but cold air (even more for me, just comming from Barcelona) and little windy during the show, that was little bit disturbing for Roger (hair movement, you know...) But not too bad anyway. Roger wore a jacket and scarf, good idea !

The room was pretty crowded, about five or six thousand people.
The norwegian audience is more "cold" or calm compared to other audiences in Europe (France, Spain, Germany for instance) but everybody was enjoying the show and clapping a lot after songs.


Roger performed as usual his songs he composed for Supertramp and after Supertramp.
Besides the hits, it was nice to listen nice songs like "Even in the quietest moments" or "Child of vision".
Roger and Aaron did a superb job, no mistakes, excellent quality during the whole show.

I feel good everytime I listen Roger's songs live, that's a wonderful experience that I do recommend for all those loves the Supertramp and Roger albums. Good vibrations !
You can check the set list below.

What a shame the show was day light, so the stage lights didn't work, always a good help for making the show warmer and more magic.

Roger had a good time on stage, his voice was great and he was in a good shape, enjoying the show.

It was great to meet Trond and family, nice people.

Next days I did couple hikes around, the best was "Pulpit Rock" (Preikestolen) a 600 mts/ 2000 feed cliff (huge granite wall) over a beautiful fiord.
Thank you very much Roger for all that !!!!!


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Review by Trond Gronvold

Date: 22.may 2008
Time: 18:00 - 19:30


Take the long way home
Give a little bit
Lovers in the wind
Hide in your shell
Easy does it
Sister moonshine
Breakfast in America
Along came mary
The logical song
The more i look
Child of vision
Even in the quietest moments
Don't leave me know

Give a little bit.


It was a cold and beautiful evening in Sandnes.
It was 8-10 degrees Celsius and sunny weather.

I meet Linda (manager) and we exchanged a few words with each other few minutes before the show begin.

After the concert we (I, my wife and my daughter) were backstage and took some photographs. Only a short visit.
It was an amazing concert. 1 hour and 30 minutes with old hits and a few songs from his solo-career.

His voice was fantastic; the audience enjoyed the show, and Aaron MacDonald did a fantastic job with his instruments.

But, it was a cold afternoon, and a cold saxophone doesn't sound perfect.

Rogers's voice disappeared from the speaker one or two times. One of the speakers sounded figuratively, or may I say sounded to bad.

Last year we could hear the clear sound from "don't leave me know". This time the sound was not so good.

Roger talked to the audience/crowd, and it looked like he really enjoyed the situation.

Highlights for the audience: School, Give a Little Bit, Breakfast in America, easy does it and Child of Vision.

Highlights for me:

The show, the concert, every song, everything.......
It was an unforgettable evening - Thank you :-)


I meet Miguel from Barcelona.
He was a nice guy who had been travelling from Spain to Norway to see this show.

It was nice to meet you, dear Miguel.

Trond Gronvold



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