2012 TOUR, ROGER HODGSON, Hollywood, FL, March 7

2012 TOUR, ROGER HODGSON, Hollywood, FL, March 7


ROGER HODGSON in Hollywood, Florida, March 7

Semnole Hard Rock Casino

Phenomenal show Roger Hodgson put on last night at the Semnole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL!

He and his band were incredible as they went through an emotionally charged set of songs. My Canadian friends told me over the years when we saw Roger up at Casino Rama that they wish Roger would play with a band because his songs would be even more powerful.

Were they ever! This I believe was the best display of music yet from Roger! Aaron McDonald his multi-instrument Sax player was amazing as well. The rest of the band were up to the high standards of a Roger Hodgson concert. As I waited for my wife to meet me at the venue, I felt almost like I was back in Canada.

I couldn't get enough of Roger talk with my friend Bill, my new fan buddy Tom, and his sweet girlfriend Mariana. Great time with them at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Here was the setlist:

1. Take the Long Way Home - Even more amazing with the band!
2. School - This song was so emotional and intense. Best version yet!
3. In Jeapardy - Great to hear this wonderful deep message song. Brilliantly performed.
4. Lovers in the Wind - Sweet and beautiful version.
5. Hide in Your Shell - So emotinally powerpacked. I felt filled up and could have ended this as the encore and left. Amazing with the band adding the intensity even further.
6. Sister Moonshine - Sweet song with a deep message treading lightly.
7. Breakfast in America - I was again amazed how much the band added to this song! It had me rocking as hard as School, In Jeopardy and Hide in Your Shell before it. His story of his dreaming of coming to America was entertaining as was his stories and banter on other songs.
8. Along Came Mary - A beauiful song that Roger sung and played to perfection.
9. Logical Song - Great version with Roger's story of searching for meaning.
10. Lord is it Mine? - An emotionally spiritual song played in full without the deep spiritual song Only Because of You.
11. Child of Vision - Finally after 11 Roger concerts of not hearing this song, the wait is now over! Incredible song and version! Roger and band were terrific!
12. Fool's Overture - Song is always incredible, but extra special with a band!
13. Dreamer - This song made me a Supertramp/Roger fan. Great song that closed the show. Roger encouraged fans to come up to the stage.
14. Give a Little Bit - Encore that let everone leave with a smile on their faces.

Roger also added a lot of sound effects and overdubs of his vocals to this electrified high volume emotionally powerpacked concert!
After the concert that we really enjoyed, I was able to go backstage with my wife and friends thanks to Roger's amazing managers Linda and Shakti. It was great to see and talk to Roger.

I was happy to tell Roger finally how much Hide In Your Shell song has meant to me. He is such a gracious and loving person. We hugged and had pictures taken. Incredible evening!

James Januszka



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