ROGER HODGSON in Wales, Sept 2007

ROGER HODGSON in Wales, Sept 2007


South Wales Echo, Sep 18 2007

ROGER Hodgson admits he would love to reunite ’70s rock favourites Supertramp – provided the band can resolve a mid-wife crisis.

by Gavin Allen 

Hodgson quit Supertramp in 1983 with the band at its peak, high on hits such as Give A Little Bit, The Logical Song and Dreamer and still enjoying the success of their wildly successful album Breakfast in America, which became one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

Officially Hodgson wanted to spend more time with his family, however, it was no secret that he had been unhappy that the wife of his song-writing partner, Rick Davies, had become the band’s manager.

Davies reformed a band under the Supertramp banner in 1997 and continues to tour but it was Hodgson, 57, who penned most of the group’s 60 million-selling hits.

Yet Hodgson says he bears no grudges and wants to get the original line-up back together.

“I’m probably the most open of the lot to the idea,” he told me down the phone from a hotel in the Norwegian fjords, another stop on his far-reaching European tour.

“We tried it a while back, Rick and I got together in the early ‘90s and we got on better than ever but it wasn’t our relationship that didn’t work.

“There were other forces pulling at us that prevented it.”

Mrs Davies perhaps?

“Rick’s wife became his manager and then our manager and that was a problem and when I left the band I wasn’t the only one, a lot of the crew left too.”

So you’d only reunite on the condition that Rick left his wife at home?

“It would have to be a condition,” said the kindly Ivor Novello award-winner uneasily.

“It wouldn’t work for me if she was the manager and he wouldn’t accept it if my people managed it, so it has to be someone neutral.

“But I’m happy where I am at the moment.”

Portsmouth-born Hodgson is currently enjoying his first UK solo tour in more than a quarter of a century, having reconnected with his homeland after 33 years living near California’s beautiful Lake Tahoe.

“I did a show in Shephard’s Bush in 2005 and it was my first gig in England for, I think, 25 years,” said Hodgson, who performed at the Concert for Diana earlier this year.

“The reception I got was amazing, it was quite emotional for me, because it told me that my home still remembered me.”

Hodgson’s current set-list is a mix of his own solo work as well as the hugely popular Supertramp hits, songs he has been singing for 30 years.

“Those songs were born of a love for songwriting and I think that spirit shines through which is why people still enjoy them,” he said.

“I’m amazed I don’t get sick of singing them but I honestly don’t.

“The day I do get sick of them is when I will stop but I don’t think that day will ever come.”

The day he doesn’t have to sing them alone however, may be close at hand.

Roger Hodgson performs at St David’s Hall on Monday, October 1.

Tickets cost £35 from 029 2087 8444.


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