ROGER HODGSON Newsletter June 2010



Dear Friends & Fans,

I just want to send a note to you all thanking you for all the support I’ve felt from you – in emails, guestbook postings, appreciation at the shows…it’s really because of you that I’m able to do what I love to do – share my music with the world. Your connection to what I’ve expressed through my music touches me deeply and that it has brought people together in so many different ways inspires me to keep performing and writing and exploring the depths of what music can do.

A challenge for all of us in these crazy times is hanging on to our integrity as we go through the rollercoaster of life and as an artist I have always strived to be authentic and original. My songs come from a deep and very personal place inside me and they carry my beliefs and my dreams and my philosophy of life. Many of you may not know this but the other members of Supertramp never held the same spiritual or philosophical beliefs that I have and that are in my songs. What I wrote about didn’t represent the rest of the band or their beliefs. So for Rick to claim credit for songs he didn’t write or believe in, is an integrity issue. And it’s hard for me to keep thinking of them as Supertramp songs when the band didn’t compose them or write the music for them. Which is why the advertising of the Supertramp tour with my voice and my songs has been very difficult for me. For the fans’ sake, I am happy that my old friend and partner Rick is going on tour again but I am not in agreement with how he is choosing to market his Supertramp tour by capitalizing on my art to sell tickets, and especially now since both of us are touring at the same time.

So many of you have told me over the last few years how previous Supertramp tours used my voice and my songs to sell tickets and how the public thought I was going to be present at the concerts and they ended up feeling tricked or disappointed. So I cannot in all conscience stay silent. I need to speak up for artistic and marketing integrity.

Unfortunately, some statements I have made already have been misquoted or sensationalized or taken out of context. All those sensationalized headlines came from what we posted on my website. I hope everyone knows this is something that happens in the media. For me, it’s not about banning or vetoing what Supertramp is doing - it’s about integrity, ethics and speaking up for what I believe is right.

Those of you that know me know that I am a peaceful man, and I feel even though one is peaceful, sometimes one needs to speak up when it is the right thing to do. I have offered to join Rick and Supertramp for a few special reunion shows when I don’t have any of my own shows booked. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you view it, they chose to go out to tour at the same time I already had my 2010 tour booked. Yet there are windows of time that I would be able to join them.

I know how many of you would like to see this and that is why I have offered.  Personally, it is not something I want or need to do – I am very happy touring the way I am now.  Yet I feel in my heart it’s the right thing to do. So, I’ll keep holding out an olive branch to Rick in case he should change his mind.

I so appreciate all of you that have been asking to help, supporting me on the tour, sending in ads, articles, and radio spots, getting the word out on Facebook, taking part in fan forums and communicating over the internet, participating in our international community. Your belief and support touches me deeply. I hope I can play for you again sometime in the near future. God bless.  




We’re sending Roger’s letter out simultaneously with our latest article, in response to the many questions we have received. Many of you have written and asked to participate in the tour with us, so we are responding here with some specific ways that would be very helpful. One of the things that made South American tour so successful was through all fans participating in blogging, posting, sending out tweets, and sending us timely reports on what was being seen in the press and media. In this way fans can keep the excitement building for the rest of the tour, and you are not only supporting Roger, but helping the public and other fans to be informed also. We are so thankful for everyone who continues to help us in this way.

So, please continue sending us updates on how the Supertramp tour is being advertised around the world - email us what you see and hear with radio, articles, billboards, and ticket sites, and record it or take a picture if you can! The radio spots and TV ads we have received have been very helpful and enable us to correct misinformation.  Also, please post, blog, tweet and comment on Facebook, MySpace and You Tube to clarify any misinformation where needed or share your experiences where needed. Also it’s always wonderful to post your experiences of Roger’s concerts and what his music means to you.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in the days ahead, in person and online, as we continue Roger’s 2010 World Tour.

Love to all,
Linda & Shakti


Extends “olive branch” to ex-band Supertramp offers reunion shows, but gets no response.

The original voice and composer of classics like "Breakfast In America",  "Logical Song", “Dreamer”, and “Give A Little Bit”, will not take part in Supertramp's Anniversary Tour

Los Angeles, CA June 1, 2010 – Concluding the hugely successful South American leg of his 2010 World Tour, Roger Hodgson now heads to Europe for performances around the Continent this summer starting in Stadtallendorf, Germany June 5, and Trier, Germany June 6.  Roger’s tour continues in Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and  France, as well as a jump over the ocean for Canadian shows in July.  Roger ends his 2010 tour with a few US dates in November.   

“The response to our shows in South America was overwhelming.  The concerts were filled with warmth, enthusiasm and strong emotions. For most, English isn’t their first language, yet music is the language of the soul and it was felt by all.  The fans’ appreciation and love for my music, combined with my joy in serenading them, is what creates magic,” said Hodgson. “I’m looking forward to continuing the celebration, playing for my friends and fans across Europe and North America in the coming months.”  

Roger Hodgson offers olive branch to Supertramp

Roger Hodgson co-founded Supertramp with Rick Davies in 1969, a partnership that dissolved amicably in 1983.  When Hodgson heard that his former band-mates Rick, Bob Siebenberg and John Helliwell were going out later this year on a Supertramp 40th Anniversary Tour, he offered to join them for a few special reunion concerts in response to the many requests from fans.  Supertramp’s management has so far refused, and has not even publicly acknowledged Hodgson’s offer.

“Last summer Rick and I talked about working together again, but it was about a totally different tour.  It was never about a 40th anniversary tour and there were no talks that included the classic line up.  In fact, it was a total surprise hearing Rick say he wants to put the old band back together, because last year he was adamantly opposed to working with John, Bob and Dougie due to the law suits that had been going on between them the last few years.”  

“As far as Rick and Sue now claiming there were 15 months of discussions, I guess they are counting from the one time we met in 2008 until they stopped returning our calls and emails last summer, even though most of those months there was no communication between us at all.  I can only surmise they want to give the impression we really tried, so all the requests for me to be a part of some special reunion shows will quiet down because the fans will think it’s impossible.  But it is possible.”

“I enjoy the way I’m performing my music now more than ever, yet I know that it means a lot to the fans to see me on stage with Supertramp again and I feel it’s the right thing to do.  It is because of the fans’ wishes I have offered, and the offer is still on the table as my way of saying thank you to the fans for their support of our music all these years. None of us would be here if it weren’t for the fans.”

Hodgson speaks out about misleading advertising appearing in Europe

Hodgson went on, “I have become very close to the fans through touring over the past few years and I’ve heard from many how on Supertramp’s last tours, and again on this current tour, some radio stations are playing the songs I wrote and sang lead vocals on to announce the Supertramp concerts.  After playing The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit or Dreamer with my voice singing, they announce ‘that was Supertramp and they are coming in concert... giving the cities and dates.’ In the past, many people attended the Supertramp shows expecting to hear my voice, and I was not there.”

“So I’m very unhappy to see the misleading advertising with my photos and my voice appearing again. Much of the public think of my voice as one of the trademark sounds of Supertramp and they recognize my voice but they don’t know that it’s Roger Hodgson singing.  So if my picture or my voice is used to announce Supertramp, it is confusing even if some of the articles say Roger Hodgson will not be part of this tour.  It is of course not right when my voice, image and likeness are used to promote someone else’s tour, and I need to speak up about it.”

Agreement between Supertramp’s Songwriters

When they parted ways, Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies had a gentleman’s agreement that Rick would keep the name Supertramp, and Roger would keep the approval rights to the songs he wrote. In this way, their different styles as songwriters and artists would be delineated:  Supertramp would become a vehicle for Rick’s music, and Roger Hodgson would become a distinct solo artist defined by his own voice and musical expression. Every band makes different business arrangements as partnerships are dissolved and assets divided. Hodgson said “After 14 years building the Supertramp name, which had become very valuable, what I cared about most was taking my individual art, songs and compositions with me.  Rick and I began writing and composing separately, starting before Crime of the Century, yet we continued to share songwriter’s credit, similar to Lennon and McCartney, which I deeply regret.”

“My songs were written and composed when I was alone and come from a deeply personal place, they were not written with Rick or Supertramp. These songs are pieces of my heart and soul that I put into song.  The band didn’t share the philosophical and spiritual beliefs that I wrote about, and Rick didn't even like a lot of my songs and argued against some of them being included on the records.  Yet ironically, now some of those very same songs are being used to sell his tour. I feel that as an artist you want to be authentic and original and believe in the music that you perform.”  

“I feel I need to speak up as a voice for artistic integrity, not only for myself but for every artist that’s had someone claim credit for their creation be it a songwriter, screenwriter, artist, inventor or creator of any kind. Anyone who knows me knows I am a very easy going guy, yet it’s time for me to speak up for integrity in the music business, for honesty in advertising, and for all my fans and the public who I don’t want to see misinformed.”

Simultaneous Roger Hodgson & Supertramp tours in Europe

“Rick has written so many songs himself, he went on to create several albums after I left Supertramp.  He has more than enough great songs to fill a concert. Many fans have said they prefer me performing my own songs, rather then hearing them at Supertramp concerts.  And since we are both touring at the same time fans have the opportunity this year to hear me sing my classics as the original songwriter at my concerts.  And the Supertramp tour is the opportunity for fans to hear Rick’s musical style and songs.”

“The good news is, since we are both touring simultaneously in Europe, fans will be able to go see Supertramp and Roger Hodgson concerts both in the same year. And if Rick will change his mind there could be a few special reunion concerts as well.”  


About Roger Hodgson

Roger Hodgson is recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time. As the legendary voice, writer and arranger of most of Supertramp’s greatest hits between 1970 and 1983, such as The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, It’s Raining Again, Fool’s Overture, School, Lord Is It Mine, and Take the Long Way Home he has composed and recorded enduring songs that have become the sound track of the  lives of two generations of fans. A Roger Hodgson concert is an amazing event that leaves the audience feeling uplifted, renewed, excited, and wanting to come again. Those who have been to Roger’s concerts will agree there is a very special connection Roger makes with his audience.  He gives his whole heart in every show, and sounds better live today than in the recording studio more than a generation ago.   

"There are few vocalists instantly recognizable from the first few bars of a song but Roger Hodgson is certainly one of that unique group. The singer/songwriter of Supertramp, his voice is as unmistakable as the distinct keyboard sound of his early hits."

The London Times

“I am a long time fan, not only of Supertramp but of Roger Hodgson as a solo artist. You are truly an artist extraordinaire and above that a true gentleman, your ability to touch the audience not only through your music but also your kindred spirit is unsurpassed by any.”

Roger Hodgson is represented by Harmonic Management.


Dear Friends,

We are very grateful for all your support and help, it’s so appreciated in trying to clear up the confusion with the way the Supertramp shows are being advertised. We really want the public to know the difference between what they are going to see in a Supertramp show, and what they are going to see at a Roger Hodgson show.  Here are a few examples of how fans have helped us and how things have been changed:

- In Portugal one fan sent us an email with the attached MP3 of a radio ad announcing 2 Supertramp shows with all four songs being Roger's voice. He called both the radio station and the local promoter asking them to change the spot to use Rick's songs.

- Another fan told us he had gone down to a radio station and heard that the Supertramp promoter had “unofficially” told the DJ’s to play Dreamer and Logical Song, sung by Roger, for the Supertramp tour announcements.  

- A French Fan emailed emailed us that on a French Radio station, Supertramp’s tour was launched and the background music was “Breakfast in America” and “Logical Song” being sung by Roger.   

- One fan posting on Facebook said "I went to buy tickets for the UK show and it shows a picture of Supertramp with Roger and Dougie. Now they are calling it a greatest hits tour. Who’s Greatest hits?"

- A fan sent us a picture of Roger with the band thirty years ago with an announcement of the Supertramp tour.  We let the news agency know and the picture was changed.

- Another fan sent us a Supertramp tour announcement with a current picture of Roger solo at the piano with the caption “Roger Hodgson, leader of Supertramp” so we were also able to send a correction for that.

Please use any of the examples above as suggestions of what you can do, or you may have your own ideas. Please continue to email us descriptions when you hear something on the radio or see ads, and let us know where you saw the ad or radio spot. If possible, make a recording or take a picture and send it to us.

And we encourage you to join our community on line and post, blog, tweet and comment on the facebook wall. Describing a concert is a great thing to share also and give links in your posts including Roger’s website.  You’re welcome to post the latest article, and if you have your own blog or website, please pass it on. Below we have given a list of links where you can meet up with other Roger Hodgson fans and share your comments.  

We so appreciate hearing how either Roger Hodgson shows or the Supertramp tour is being advertised around the world.  Please continue to share your love of Roger’s concerts and what his music means to you, with us and with our community!

Warm regards,
Linda Tyler
Harmonic Management

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