Tramp of the Century - Canada

Tramp of the Century - Canada



At last, 15 years after the departure of Rodger Hodgson from the legendary group that conquered Quebec in the 70's, TRAMP OF THE CENTURY promises to enthral the diehard fan as well as the simple amateur with their tribute to SUPERTRAMP. By the intense rendition of Supertramp's unforgettable music, the fans are conveyed to reminisce in rediscovering the richness and brilliance of the classics of Hodgson and Davies. Focused on the period of collaboration of the two singers/songwriters, the repertoire includes songs from the first great Supertramp album, Crime of the Century in 1974 to Famous Last Words, last opus of the original formation: Hide in your Shell, School, Dreamer, Fool's Ouverture, Give a Little Bit, Rudy are only a few of the hits that the fans will witness in one of their concerts.

TRAMP OF THE CENTURY unites 6 seasoned musicians under the direction of Roger Leclerc. They are dedicated in delivering Supertramp's music in all its authenticity and in sharing their passion for the sound of Supertramp. It's been too long, don't you agree?

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